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For the last 3 years I have been running a pentium 4 extreme processor with a 600w power supply. Today I ended up taking the computer down because it quit working. It started shocking me through the top of the tower and then just totally quit. I took it to a guy who works on computers and he said the power supply was bad. He took the 600 out and thinks that a 250w would work. Charged 38 for putting it in. Now comes the interesting part. At his shop the computer came on seemed to boot ok all the lights and fans came on so I shut it down after running a few seconds and took it home. After I got home I connected everything and when I plugged in the power cord, turned it on, let it start nothing happens. The monitor is on but nothing shows on the monitor its just blank the computer runs everything is on I just cant get any video. I am wondering if its because the 250w is not enough power to actually turn the computer on so that everything works. I know the drive doors will not open I am not getting any beeps but nothing shows on the screen. Is there a way for me to check the or to assume that the voltages are not right?
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  1. Is it using onboard video? If so, it doesn't need a huge PSU.

    Since you took it home, something may have wiggled loose. Open it up, and double check that the cables are secure. You want to make sure the 20/4 pin main power is connected from the PSU to the motherboard, and if it has a 4/8 pin CPU power port on the motherboard, that needs connected as well.
  2. Sounds like the psu has simply broken, get a new one... That's my suggestion but before you do that do what ^ he told you...
  3. Yes, if the cables seem secure, you should take it right back to them.
  4. it was real simple theres a 4pin connector that wasnt hooked on the motherboard. I did get a error message that the power supply did not put out enough voltage to run my video so it lowered my video. I cant tell with it running but it still did that the first time I restarted it
  5. aford10 said:
    if it has a 4/8 pin CPU power port on the motherboard, that needs connected as well.


    Good to hear that's all that it was.
  6. id say take the new PSU back and get a reputable brand 400w+ PSU
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