PSU to lab supply please help

i have a signifficantly old computer ATX that functions as it should but when i converted the psu using these instructions:

it doesnt turn on it sort of vibrates slightly for 0.5 seconds and stops.

heres what i have done so far i have connected the green to the black and connected the brown to the orange and loaded the device and powered it on but it doesnt work and when i had it in my computer it worked fine.

i have loaded it with: 1 or 2 light bulbs rated 12V result: failed to start.
a hard drive result: failed to start.
a hard drive and two disk rewriters result: failed to start.

all the drives and light bulbs work as intended so there MUST be something i did wrong.

i have also noticed there isnt a grey wire on this ATX whitch i find a bit strange.

i dont understand why the thing doesnt work because the last one i made was amazing it worked first time!
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  1. ok just hook up the green to the black with maybe 1 hdd connected and see what happens...
  2. still nothing
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