1st PC Build (Game Video/Edit Purpose)

What's up guys. I'm looking to build a PC that will run Starcraft 2 flawlessly and also allow me to capture/edit video smoothly. I will be using Photoshop, Vegas, and FRAPS.. playing Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, and multitasking quite a bit.



PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Keyboard & Monitor & Win 7 OS


PARTS PREFERENCES: I like the Combo deals at newegg such as..

MSI 870A-G54 AM3 AMD 870 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard // AMD Athlon II X3 440 Rana 3.0GHz Socket AM3 95W Triple-Core

OVERCLOCKING: No, I'm a fan of the warranty thing.


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: A fancy case is a plus and wouldn't mind spending a few (5-15) more bucks on one.

Mouse - I would like a mouse that moves very smoothly and feels good but cheaaaap haha. Something that I could feel comfortable doing 100 actions per minute with.

Speakers - I don't need anything special here : )

Ok guys, besides the mouse and speakers I wouldn't mind spending around $600-$800 on this guy.

My biggest problem with selecting video card and what not is the compatibility.

Not looking for a Blu-ray player, although, I would like the ability to burn DVDs.

Thanks guys,

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  2. Nice batuchka, thanks for the quick response. Those combos with the CPU/Memory and GPU/Power Supply are awesome!

    Quick question: are these all compatible with each other?

    Thanks, :bounce:

  3. Definitely ^^ You are welcomed
  4. Anyone have an Idea on the mouse or speakers : )
  5. batuchka said:
    Definitely ^^ You are welcomed

    Hey what do you think about this case and MOBO instead and get the DVD/CD Burn Seperate for 19.99
  6. Not to throw a wrench, in anyone's "love fest" ... I'm just going to cut and paste a "Graphics Pro Tools" excerpt, from my "personal sticky" collection ...
    ... Just for your consideration ...
    (PS ... I recommend the FERMI 470 for *** YOU ***)
    ... AND ... A corsair TX series 650Watt the BLUE PAINTED ONE !! ...

    ********** Excerpt follows ********************

    I'm going to say one thing ... if you are serious about using a wide range of edit and graphics-related tools ... JUST GO nVidia ... It has the broadest certification/support/response, industry-wide (especially with demanding professional toolsets). ... So, I would like for you to just drop ATi, from this equation, if gaming is less of a priority ... (But we can still have you "gaming with snap" on nVidia, anyway).

    Remember FIRST (regarding GPU) that nVidia/OpenGL 3.0~3.2~++ (3.0 and higher) ... With nVidia's OpenGL 3.2 as the "desirable target".

    The only reason that I have not mentionned CUDA is because ANY nVidia OpenGL 3.x card supports CUDA ... And, conversely, NO ATi card supports CUDA.

    All that said ... There are only 4 GPU cards (exact models) that I recommend to edit/graphics builders ... And, "The Envelope, PLEASE !? ". :

    (Note: These picks are for those who cannot afford a certified Quadro Solution)

    (1) The PNY 9800 GTS EE
    ("PB" Sub-Model *ONLY!!* .. VERIFY OpenGL 3.x !! ).
    Price: $108.95 $10.00 Mail-In Rebate
    Offer ends 06/14/2010
    Price after Mail-In Rebate: $98.95 [...] Search=yes
    (newegg does not have this model .. does! .. note mfg/model ends w "PB" ).

    This first choice is the most standard card for "Budget Pro Turnkey (CS5/VegasP9)" aftermarket pre builts, such as are sold at major "broadcast suppliers" like, B&H photo.

    It is a 75Watt (lower power ... gets all power from 16x slot) TRUE SINGLE SLOT and is also not "too-long" for any mid-tower ATX chassis. The ONLY cons are (1) OpenGL 3.0 (just fine, no biggie), (2) some fan noise (but fairly quiet) (3) Snappy, but not the fastest card available) ... Very affordable and used in MOST (non-Quadro) TurnKey Pro Pre-Builts.

    (2) This, second option, is for those who REQUIRE A SILENT SYSTEM ! and are willing to work and pay and fuss, just a little bit, to gain a "studio-silent" rig (live studio recording).
    ZOTAC ZT-20404-20L GeForce GT 240 1GB 128-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card .. Passive Fanless cooling ~~~ @ $92 [...] -_-Product

    It is passively cooled (big heat-sink, no fan) and is the most powerful "silent" GPU, on the planet (currently). It DOES REQUIRE SOME AIR-FLOW and you SHOULD purchase a (VERY QUIET!) Noctua 120mm Fan (using ULNA attenuator) and find/make a way to point it at this GPUs heatsink (Hot glue and toungue depressors ? ) ... (*my* choice).
    (One reviewer said that the heat-sink was too tall for his case .. "ground it down" )
    ... I am guessing that this card runs about as fast as the 9800-EE (above).
    [ THIS *IS* A 2-Slot Card !! ... it is a short card ... will block a slot .. see mobo]

    I do love Zotac for providing this silent and "powerful" nVidia OpenGL 3.2 option

    Some "KEY" Silent Companion Links ... [...] -_-Product [...] -_-Product [...] -_-Product [...] -_-Product [...] onic%20650

    (3) This 3rd option is the fastest "Alvin Qualified" BUDGET card .. At less than $130 ..
    ... Folks who want to do Graphics AND BUDGET gaming will be most attracted to this SLI 2Slot card ... Fan Noise and space/power requirements are the down-side.
    (The specs on newegg do not say "OGL3.2" but Zotac's Product Page Does) ...
    ... The VAST majority of nVidia based GeForce Cards do not support OGL3.2 ... For some reason, almost all Zotac products do ... That is why I chose these Zotacs). [...] -_-Product [...] 0-10p.html

    (4) Fourth, Last, and Finally ... The FERMI 470 (The only FERMI "model" I recommend)
    ... For maximum speed/bandwidth (and very good gaming), at a resonanble price $350.
    [ The 470 gives better performance than 465 (same pwr/noise) & Less heat/pwr than 480]

    Any manufacturer .. GDDR5 is desirable .. I like these makers, best (of what is in stock).

    (Both these options cost $350 and they are super fast, hot, and power-hungry !!! ) [...] -_-Product [...] -_-Product

    So much for the "short tour" of viable budget pro-sumer graphics options ... I took all this effort because I can cut and paste these elements into other threads, as well ... Sort of a personal "sticky-thread", to "cut from" .

    Stay tuned, for other "sub-systems analyses".

    = Al =
  7. I would also like for you to have THIS mobo ...

    ASRock 890FX DELUXE3 AM3 AMD 890FX SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard
    Worldwide exclusive 4 x USB3.0 ports, Turbo UCC @ ~~ $155

    For more reasons than I care to list.

    Just have your brightest future, in mind

    = Regards to "All Parties" =
  8. Pretty much every link in your first post didn't work Alvin. Thanks for your input though.

  9. If your looking at heavy programing and video editing then yeah i would look towards the Fermi but if your doing general programing i.e:editing code, some 3d models, and environment then i would look towards the 5850 and 5870. Save some green in the long run with less power draw and less of a cost in the beginning.

    Those are my only draw backs from the fermi set of cards.

    as for what batuchka posted, its a pretty good setup.
  10. Keyboard - anything by microsoft or logitech
    Microsoft Custom Comfort 2000 is very good and cheap too
    Mouse - if you want smooth i would suggest a mx-518 or g-500 good solid all around mice that work and game/also will last a long time
    my mx-518 is goin' on 6yrs
  11. This ain't cheap ... but the best I have EVER owned ... coffee killed my first one ... had another one by night-fall.
  12. Best answer selected by Shockem.
  13. On those speakers ...

    Check out the KRK RP5 (RP6) 5 inch or 6 inch, self powered, "near-field" studio monitors.

    Available At Guitar Center, zZounds, Musician's Friend, SweetWater, etc.

    Also ... M-Audio BX5 (6) ... Mackies and others ... search "self-powered monitors"

    = Al =
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