Adding partitians to former primary drive, go "Dynamic drive"?

I swapped out my original HDD for an SSD on my Win 7 HP computer. I have reinstalled the HDD in the 2nd drive spot and want to use it as a storage drive.

My idea was I could keep all the original OS files, backup partians, etc. 'as is' in case something were to go horrible wrong, I could use that to restore things.
As such, I was going to split the main drive on the HDD (originally "C:") into two partitians. one 35gb drive holding the original OS files, and another that is 800 gigs where i'll just store new movies and whatnot.

However, once i created the new partitian, when i click on it and do "new simple volume", I get the notice "adding this drive will turn on 'dynamic drive'" which I read on one website is bad as it could destroy your OS. So now i'm confused. Is there a way to do what I want to do? is Dynamic Drive ok on a 2nd HDD or will that mean I could never bootup from the 2nd HDD in an emergency?

Secondary question: is having the 'recovery partian' on my 2nd drive ok? or is there some reason why I need to do a disk image and move it over to my primary SSD drive (which would take up HD space)?

*Background: The 2nd HDD has several partitions. A 199 mb hidden windows partition, a recovery partition, an 'hp tools' recovery partition, and then the big partition that is 850 gigs, plus the newly created partition but currently unformatted).
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    In my memory, this kind of problem has been asked for a several times. This problem always happens among Hp laptop users and other brand machine users. This is because the OEM has partitioned your hard drive already before you get your laptop, when you want to make partition in windows 7, there are already four primary partitions and as we know the MBR basic disk could contain at most 4 primary partitions. This is the reason why you will get this warring.
    To solve this problem you could follow the options below:
    Options1- Delete on of the primary partition and give a lot of space into logical partition, then spilt the logical partition to create more partitions.

    Options2- Convert one of the primary partition to logical partition (this you need some software, such as Partition Assistant, and you could find it from CNET;contentBody;1d)
  2. If I were to do option 2, is there any downside? Ie, windows wouldn't boot from that drive any more if I wanted it to?

    More abstractly, am I going about this all the right way? Or should I just make a backup boot DVD of the original install (which the HP repair tool lists as an option) and the. Just wipe the drive and start clean? Is there any reason why I'd want to keep all the original files and partitions intact?
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