Can i replace an acer aspire hard drive with a hp dv6 hard drive

Hi I have a Acer Aspire 7741z laptop and I was wondering if I can delete/remove everything from this PC and install a HP dv6 on it? I have the tdisc for the HP dv6 laptop? If possible please email ME WITH THIS INFORMATION Email----- Thank You
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  1. I'm guessing you mean recovery disk by tdisc? If that's the case a recovery disk for an HP laptop would almost certainly not work on an Acer laptop. You could likely swap the drives then use the Acer recovery disc to reload the OS, once the hp hard drive is in the Acer machine.
  2. Both HP and Acer only provide recovery software on the drive itself these days and ask you to insert a blank dvd to make one when you first turn on the system.

    If you have made that disk then fit the HP drive to your acer, run that disk and reinstall it. all good.

    If you don't have that disk then you wil have to reinstall it with a standard windows disk using the license code on the bottom of your laptop. then go to acers website and download the drivers etc.
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