My Budget Gaming rig needs advice

Ok.I just Buillt a new system.It has an Athlon ii X2,Biostar A770E,Kingston HyperX ddr2 1066 2 Gig,and an 4870 Toxic.Is there going to be any Bottleneck when playing Games.Also i put an sound card in,and it is only like 1-4 inches for the video card to get that ok.Also my psu has loads of Cables.Should i got xp or windows 7 for best performance in Games at 1400x900.Also tell me on an scale 1 to 10 what do you think about the rig.I am goning to get another 2gig Also.One more thing my ram is at 800mhz when it is pose to be at 1066.i can change but should i rise the volts to 2.0 volts.Sorry for a long question thanks.

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    Hmm, well i'm not sure on the bottlenecks, what processor is it? At a glance, i'd say maybe the grapics card at some point, there doesnt seem to be any glaring bottleneck.

    Regarding the soundcard, yeah no problem, the temps might rise a bit, but generally if there is a spare slot in between them, shouldnt be a problem.

    On the PSU, sounds like you have a non modular PSU, the only thing you can do is tidy the cables up, get them as small as possible, and then put them where there is no fan obstruction. Usually behind the mobo tray, or in the space DVD drive spaces.

    I'd go windows 7, it gives fractionally more fps in games, but mostly its a newer OS, and far greater than XP, no point in buying old software.

    Rig sounds good for a buget end gaming system, adding that extra 2gb of ram will smoothe over any problems and generally make everything a bit faster. Dont forget tho, to use all that ram, you will need a 64 bit OS

    I cant really help you with the Ram, but ram is very sensetive to volts, and anything above 1.65 is likely to fry it, unless its high end overclocking ram, (which i think hyper x isnt). My best bet is to reset your BIOS, and see what happens.

    Hope this all helps!
  2. The good news:

    Had built 6000+ Windsors with HD 4870 in '08 and if your game is not CPU intensive, it's all good and that Regor is far superior clock for clock than a Windsor ^^

    The bad news:

    Stuff like GTAIV, Dragons Age Origins may bully all/any dual cores somewhat so for a more playable gaming expereince you have to tone down settings
  3. Look at rated settings for that RAM (voltage, timings, speed) and manually set them to the BIOS.

    V and timigns directly, speed through manipulating memory ratio. That RAM is supposed to run at 1066 at w/e voltage it says it's labeled to run it at.
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