How Durable is the GTX 470 and GPUs in general?

just saying, since i will have to get back to my house from college with the Gigabyte GTX 470, it's still in its original encasing (i took it out of newegg box)

I see videos on youtube of GTX 470 being disassembled and put together fine, stupid kids touching the PCI-E link, like,

I know they're not meant to survive a fall off a building, but is there a general sense of durability?
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  1. I wouldn't play tennis with long as it's in its packaging or installed in a PC, it will survive a car ride but perhaps not a fall off a desk if it lands wrong.
  2. It's fine, although I have some pretty entertaining pictures of people bent cards though.

    Actually it's probably safer in the Gigabyte box than if you were to install it into the rig and then ship it.

    You'd have to give it a pretty good bit of effort to damage the card in a retail/oem box.
  3. ah, can i see pics of bent cards?
  4. Yeah I'll grab one when I get home (after the Bruins game), I think I have a few saved ones, and definitely one gem.

    Kinney had a bit of a shipping mishap and it was pretty impressive I must say.
  5. got any pics? Side note, did the bruins win?
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