Western Digital or Seagate for new upgrade?

My sister needs to upgrade her hard drive in her custom made desktop. I was considering one of these:


I always preferred Western Digital over Seagate, but that Seagate is only $79. I called the company and asked about these and they are both new, so it seems like a good deal. The question is which one would be the better upgrade? Please don't recommend any drive that is more expensive, this is my budget. Thanks :hello:
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  1. I would prefer 7200rpm over 5400rpm ones... so seagate
  2. Hey SammyR690, I've done extensive testing in the past with both WD and Seagate HDD's. WD drives ran cooler, has less drive issues (less data dropped during benchmark tests) than Seagate drives.

    The specs of the WD are twice that off Seagate 7.2k drive because of the 6Gb per sec interface plus the 32Mb of cache so even though Seagate spins faster the throughput is much slower. BTW, Newegg has the WD drive for $79.00. I hope this helps..
  3. no mechanical hdd can saturate sata2 3 gps yet let alone sata3 6 gps. it's totally marketing gimmick...

    also 5900 rpm is admitted not power saving at all since workload will need to be finished much slower than 7200 rpm drives

    as i remember seagate ST3 means sata3...

    do not know about their failure rate, but seagate and wd both are major player in hdd business...
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