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I recently installed a desktop widget that monitors ram usage and noticed something funny. I was just wondering if this is working as intended or if I should run memtest tonight. It seems windows idle at 9% but it slowly creeps up to higher percentages or ram used. For example, I'll play a few games and do some work or whatever and leave my computer on overnight and the next day even though I closed everything I was doing the memory usage might jump to 20% used. Should it drop back down when I close whatever app? The highest I have seen it go is around 35% Of Corse when I reboot its back down to 9%

I am just curious, it’s not affecting performance or anything.

Have a good one!
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    You have what is referred to as a "memory leak" It is caused by programs(applications) requesting additional memory from the system, then not releasing it when the application is finished. The system has marked the memory as in-use even though nothing is really using it. It is a relatively harmless condition unless you do not reboot often and the leak gets worse and worse. look at your memory usage after running each application, then run the application again. See if the usage goes up.
  2. Thanks for replying!

    That makes sense. I'm pretty happy its not a hardware problem :)
  3. Is there another way to determine where I have the memory leak? I have tried all my programs and games to no avail. Could a windows service sustain a memory leak?
  4. 1. Do a clean Shutdown.
    2. Reboot
    3. Check memory usage.
    4. Run your application/play the game
    5 end the application /game.
    6.check memory usage
    7. continue steps 3, 4, & 5 until you locate the application/game that doesn't release memory back to the system.
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