Supermicro X9SCM-F RAID setup question

I want to run a RAID mirror on my boot drive using the onboard RAID on the MB. I can't seem to figure how to do it. The manual is of no help. Does anyone have an idea how to set it up? I have two 2TB drives with one running the OS and a few Share Folders.
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  1. Page 1-8 of your motherboard manual says "RAID (Windows)". That's pretty cryptic but I think it means you can only create a software RAID array in Windows.
  2. It is possible to configure hardware raid with this motherboard.

    Enter the setup and switch the SATA controller to Raid-mode. Then save and reboot. Press <TAB> while starting up, followed by CTRL-I at the next screen, and your computer will enter the Raid configuration tool.

    In there you will have all the options you need to set up a Raid 0/1 environment.

    Good luck!
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