Need help with VGA splitters and more!

I am new to this place and I have tons of questions. (Frustration is killing me! NEED YOUR HELP!!)

I am trying to capture some of my XBOX 360 Call of duty : MW2 game plays.

I use my XBOX 360 VGA cable(not the RGB one it outputs straigt to this VGA port and two of those one and red sound cord) and 17 inch LCD monitor to play my games.

I am trying to use those VGA splitters to first split the VGA signals into two so

one of them will be fed to my monitor and

one of them will be fed to pctotv( and I will connect pctotv to my USB capture card connect to my computer.

Question 1
- What kind of VGA splitter do i need? There were 10 dollar ones with 130 mhz and 40 dollar ones with like 450 mhz... I am trying to keep very low budget here for just decent(maybe above avg where its bearable to watch) picture quality... good enough to see whats going on in the screen without going below like 30 fps.

Question 2
- The only around 40$ VGA to composite converter(pctotv with the link above) I could find was one with the link above... Is there anything cheaper or just better with similar prices?

Question 3
- Does my idea just sound plain retarded and do you have a better idea that would make me feel dumb? Please let me know because I am trying to save money!!

Thank you so much for your time !!
Help is so much needed here !!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
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  1. Also another thing!! I Am going to have to use some gender changers and stuff for my VGA or composite cables... do cheap ones suck? and will the cheap ones make the quality of the picture unbearable? I just have no idea!!!!
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