Hp pavilion a6152n review - I seem to be having problems with the power supply.

we have a hp pavilion a6152n... about a little over a yr. old. 3 months ago my PSU got fried... so we bought a new PSU from FRY's and well today that one also got fried. The 1st time we had it plugged to a surge protector and then this time we had it plugged to the wall and well like I said it got fried again. what could be the problem?
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  1. I would check to your wall plug with a voltage meter. You may be getting more than 125 volts...
  2. What brand did you buy? Is the power in your area bad? Have you been getting brown outs or surges? I find my old CRT tvs are great ways to check to see if the power is dirty.

    Have you checked your PSU outside your case to confirm that it is indeed dead?
  3. The oulet reads 120 - The brand that I purchased was a raidmax 380 watt PSU. I ran a test to see if it would power up and its dead for sure I check everything in the unit and everything appears to be OK... any other solution?
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    Try buying a good PSU, not a piece of junk like a Raidmax.
  5. LOL... thanks, i'll trying going with a better one!
  6. For some reason raidmax reminds me of Raid (bug killer), this make sense to anyone, haha.
  7. hahaha... ok thanks for the jokes - it's really nice to kno that I bought a $40 can of bug spray... i'll try going with a higher end PSU!
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