Remove files in drive D

can i combine c & d drives
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  1. What's on your D drive?
  2. Are C & D partitions on the same drive or are they two drives?

    If they are two drives, then you will need to set them up in RAID to combine their storage capacity.

    If they are two partitions on the same drive, you will need to backup the data on D, then use disk management to merge (expand) the partitions.
  3. According to my knowledge and experience, you could do as below: (This is for Win XP)
    1. Back up your important data well in case of any data loss in the following operation.
    2. Right click “My Computer” to select “Manage”
    3. Double click “Disk Management”.
    4. Right click the volume that you wan to delete and hit “Delete Volume”.
    5. Right click the volume that you want to expand and select “Extend Volume”. Afterwards, your computer will automatically emerge them for you.
  4. did not think this worked with the system drive as it can not unmounts the drive and the norm is that drive c ids the system drive

    I might be wrong but think you would have to do this from a bootable disk or put the drive in to a second pc to do the job
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