Radeon HD 3450 AGP / Hotfix Driver / Warcraft III

My old graphics cards fan has broken, so I had to buy a temporary AGP card for this old computer, and chosen HD 3450 AGP, since it's the cheapest one. O.o

Well, installed the card, then headed to ati.amd.com to download the latest driver. Then I was redirected to this article informing me that the driver is not WHQL certificated, and there I found this hotfix driver.

Now, with this driver, as I open Warcraft III, the game freezes on it's first frame and then blacks out. After a while I use alt + f4 combination to have my computer back... I could play this old game even with my old Radeon 9800 PRO without any problems...

There are some other problems, like;
- the screen blacks out again, when open Cover Flow on iTunes
- the screen goes black for 2 seconds, when I open a video on Quicktime. And when the screen gets back to normal, the video remains black

Those are the problems I've got in 12-24 hours... I will get a new computer as soon as the components I want becomes available anyway, I only want to play some Warcraft 3 till then xD

Operating System: XP Home Edition
Other specs must be enough for playing Warcraft III on the highest mode, since I could play it on the highest mode before. The only diffrence on my computer is "9800 Pro (6 years old) -> HD 3450 (1 day old)". I assume that this is somehow related with the driver and WHQL thingy... I don't know, maybe DirectX (9.0c) rejects working properly without WHQL certificated driver...
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  1. It sounds like a driver problem to me, I take it you downloaded the latest drivers?
  2. test your hardware

    agp based = old, expect issues

    you can force the newer driver packages onto older/custom hardware btw if you cant get them to install

    perhaps try driver cleaner, clear all ATi drivers out and install fresh etc
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