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I broke my old laptop screen and now have a new laptop as well as an old desktop. I have taken the old laptop hard drive out so i am now looking to see how i go about recovering the data. I don't want to fiddle with my new laptop, but maybe its easier than if i opted for the desktop route. My new laptop has two hard drives and apparently its easy to take out to replace, but somehow i doubt its as easy as slotting it in and using it as you would an external hard drive.
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  1. I would go with a sata to usb adapter (assuming the drive is sata) which cost $15 and are very easy to use to data transfers.

    Here is one example,

    There are lots of different ones. You could also get an external enclosure for the drive if you wanted to use it as portable storage.
  2. Or use a usb sata dock. It fits both 3.5" and 2.5" drives and makes it easy to swap drives.
  3. As long as the HDD is good and Windows detects it when you plug it into your computer, you can search through it like you would any other HDD/storage device you connect to your computer.
    This article explain How to Recover Lost Data from Hard Drive. It supports the data recovery from all situations that may be lost by accident.
    I hope it easy way for you.
  4. You can connect old hard drive to new computer as slave drive or external hard drive, and then use data recovery tool to scan the hard drive and recover your data, take a look at this guide: hard drive data recovery

    hope this helps.
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