Difference between Seasonic S12ii 520W and M12ii 520W


Im wondering which psu is the best, im going to buy a gtx 460. Are both psu good for my gtx 460, if so which is the best and the most quiet?

I hope you guys can help me!
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  1. Either one would do fine for a single GTX 460. The M12II is modular while the S12II isnt.
  2. If memory serves me correctly, the M12 series also uses two fans 120mm and 60mm. The S12 only uses one fan.

    Therefore, the M12 in general is a little louder than the S12 series. I'm a stickler for noise so I'd rather buy the S12 series than the M12 series. In fact, I bought two S12 PSUs in the past 5 years.

    It boils down to if you want a modular PSU to detach cables you don't need for better cable management, or a quieter PSU with no detachable cables.
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