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I have a Asus M2N MX SE That died on me a few months ago. It would reset whenever it was changing from BIOS to Vista. I tested all the parts from the broken motherboard, and they work. So I have decided to take on the task of trying to fix the motherboard. I tried starting it up today, and I am not getting any response. No video, no bios beeps. Just an led and the cpu fan spinning. Any help, or just pointing me out to some sort of guide would be greatly appreciated! Oh, BTW I can't get a new one...I'm just bored and poor.
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  1. Thank you for the reply!

    Tried EVERYTHING on the troubleshooting guide. I have the mobo "breadboarded" with just the cpu, a stick of ram, and the power supply. Made sure to plug in the 4 pin. When the onboard video didn't work, I grabbed a working video card and got the same result. Pulled the ram out on purpose to get a BIOS beep, but didn't hear anything from the speaker. I'm guessing that it's either a bad BIOS chip, or a bad capacitor. I don't know how to check for bad capacitors though. :sweat:
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    Chances are if you've run through the tests and still nothing and the rest of the parts work when tested on another board - then the board is dead and usually it will cost you more to fix it then to scrap it and get a new MOBO !! (since you do not have experience with fixing MOBOs and removing\replacing parts on a MOBO is not something to be done by those without experience and proper testing equipment.(and that is not cheap) -- it's pretty much like TVs and Radios -- there are shops around that can repair them but in the end the repair is usually more expensive than buying a new one and you wind up with an old outdated version that will most likely break again sooner than a new model that comes with the factory warranty !!
  3. Thanks for the reality check. I do have lots of electronic testing equipment like Voltmeters, soldering equipment, and oscilloscopes. Are there any special tools just for mobos? I'll just ask my father in-law. He's a graduate from electronics college. I didn't want to bother him, but I think he'll be my best bet for help.

    Thanks for the help guys!
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