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I'm planning to purchase a SATA III 60GB SSD to use as a boot drive for Win 7 64 bit.
So, I want to know whether 60GB be enough if I install some 2 or 3 mid to high end games or would I require a 90GB one?
And my PSU is Corsair CMPSU 430CXV2 and Mobo is ASRock Z77-M Extreme4, would it support the sata power connector of the ssd? :??:
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  1. 120GB, OCZ makes one for 85.99 @ newegg. I have the OS + 4 games w/ 40GB left.
  2. Nice :) but its a bit expensive for me, here in India.
    I can buy any 60GB or 90GB SATA III.
    So,suggest some,please!
    I know OCZ Agility 3 60GB SATA III or Vertex or Petrol 64GB is excellent and Corsair Force Series 3 60GB but any 90GB ones out there?
    For lower price I could comprise for SATA II 90GB ones.
  3. 90GB should be good then, or if its cheaper still 2 x 60GB in a RAID-0.
  4. I think 90GB should be sufficient!
    But what about the PSU & Mobo support?
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    Should be fine. PSU is a bit on the low end, but unless you buy a graphics card with a higher demand you should be fine. Motherboard is the best you can buy under $160.
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