My LG External HDD Stopped Working

I Have An LG External HDD HXD5 USB 3.0 500 GB And It Had Fell Down A Few Times But Continued Working Just Right , One Day I Was Working On It And I Removed It Without Ejecting It Then My Computer Didn't Detect The Device Anymore..I Don't Know What Happen,I Unplugged It And Connect Again,But My Computer Can't Detect The Device Anymore
Pllz Help I Have Important Files On It
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  1. your usb 3.0 controller might have stop working and if that is the case its not supplying enough power to spin the drive or it might have really crash.. what you need to do is open the LG casing remove the drive ..if you have a desktop connect it to the Sata power and Sata Data cable on the computer motherboard..also buy a external usb case and put it in with usb 3.0 connectivity of course and your good to go....
  2. The hdd might have been on its last legs after a few falls and the last thing you did might have been its last.

    However there are things you can try to be sure.

    Connect to another computer or usb port. Usb 3 is backwards compatible with 2.

    A connector inside the casing might have dislodged itself, in which case you can either have it repaired by someone or if you’re confident you could take a look yourself.

    Below is a clip of how to open a HXD7. I couldn’t find one for the HXD5 so it could be assembled differently, but just to give you an idea it can be done.

    See if there’s anything noticeable, like any connectors hanging out you can plug back in yourself or test the hdd by putting it in another external hdd case or connecting the hdd directly into a pc like blazzin said.
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