Asus M4A78+ Not retaining Bios Changes. Bad MOBO?

Hey all, my mom's computer is based on an Asus M4A78+ mobo and we've been having all sorts of trouble with it. First of all, when an external drive is hooked up during shut down, the drive itself seems to not be told to shut off properly and it makes a grinding noise.

But the biggest problem is the motherboard doesn't seem to want to remember my bios change for an extended period of time. I've disabled her Cool 'n Quiet more than three times now and each time it gets reset, sending her performance to the dark ages.

I've already replaced the bios battery to no avail and have removed said external drive. Another issue is that the internet on just her computer (we have three) is so slow that it often times out.

We had a guy build this computer for us and I've already seen proof that he is sloppy (Heatsink fan on a Phenom II x4 965 BE was on BACKWARDS) and so I completely ready to believe he somehow damaged our mobo, I just need to go through the motions.

Thanks in advance,

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    Update all drivers and if that does not work then RMA the motherboard would be my plan of attack.
  2. I'm in the process of drivers however I can't RMA it since it was purchased by the system builder and I don't have proof of purchase.
  3. You have the builders contact number! He must have the original receipt!
  4. I suppose that's a possibility. I'll have to check on that, thanks for the tip.
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