HD5750 HDMI Audio issue (win7 x64)

I am running Windows 7 (x64) I can not get HDMI on my ASUS EAH5750 to output 5.1 passthough for compressed audio formats (no DTS, AC3, PCM or DD). as per ATI's site this care supports output of AC3 PCM and DTs and passthrough of the HD DTS and HD Dolby formats. These formats are not available in the ATI HDMI output device's options. I only have 2 channels and no compressed formats available for output.

I have a dell with an onboard Realtek ALC888. I am getting conflicting reports as to if I should disable this function in bios. I have it currently disable as ATI says the card can output these formats natively.

I have tried many recommended methods to get this to work and so far no luck!

Please assist if you can. This has me pulling my hair out!
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  1. ATI says the cards are able to output them, but that dosen't mean that they will, although they should. Dolby TrueHD and DTSHD Master Audio support means that it supports outputting such content if your playing Blue Ray content, but the majority of PC content is 2 channel to begin with, and the ATI card does not do upconversion.

    So in other words, if you play a Blue Ray disc you get DTSHD, otherwise no. As far as PCM and AC3, that has alot to do with how the Windows Audio stack works. When you go into "Playback Devices" and double click on your Radeon Card, and check to make sure that all supported formats are checked off, as well as the right bitrate....also make sure that your speakers are set for something other than 2 channel audio by highlighting "Speakers" and clicking configure.
  2. when i click on my radeon in "playback devices" there are no supported formats listed to check off :( and there is only 2 channel listed with no option to change that as well. Do I need to enable my onboard realtec? or leave it disabled in BIOS?
  3. That aspect should be irrelevant, enabling or disabling the Realtek in this case. I do have to say though that you have a strange problem. When you go into configure, your speakers are set to something other than 2 channel right?
  4. there is only one audio device "ATI HDMI Audio" and available channels are "2"
  5. Well, what is the HDMI cable connected to on the other end?

    It could be possible that it won't output anything other than 2 channel audio unless a multichannel source is playing (this is the case on my spdif output).
  6. it is connected directly to an onkyo receiver TX-SR605 that has multiple hdmi inputs and supports all these formats including DTS-HD
  7. So it's a Realtek chipset on the card that does the audio portion then....hardly audiophile grade but I digress....

    Apparently, the card only will output two channels.....try playing back a DVD that has multichannel audio (DTS is prefereable) and see what it says then, or what the reciever does...
  8. this is the problem. ATI says the card should out put 7.1 natively especially on the HD5000 series!
  9. jlzhisname said:
    this is the problem. ATI says the card should out put 7.1 natively especially on the HD5000 series!

    That is the question, it may, but it may not output everything natively, only certain content...that is what I'm trying to figure out by having you test the DVD.
  10. Hi, I have the exact same issue with a 4850 video card on Win7 64bit. Initially there were some conflicts with the analog card but I have completely dissabled it. the HDMI options will only show 2 chanels and I'm sure that the content that Im playing is 5.1. I already went to update the Realtek drivers and Catalyst drivers and still has the same issue.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you
  11. Hi, the problem is between the graphics card ATI 5xxx series and the amplifiers Onkyo, Denon, and Sony, but not for the Yamaha and Pionneer amplifiers.

    I have a Pionneer LX-71 amplifier and ATI 5450 and it works fine.
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