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I have a AXP600 XION case it has two 120mm fans in the front of the case pulling air out, the top is vented and so is the side panel, i'm useing a Corsair H50 CPU cooler with 2 120mm fans in a push pull configureation pulling air in from the rear of the case,CPU is a i7 920,and MB is a ASUS P6T with 12gb of ram. My question is can I also mount a 120mm on the top of the of case pulling air out and one on the side panel also pulling air out. I have not installed anything yet but am getting ready to. My room temp can sometimes be in the 80+ degree range. Thanks
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  1. before you buy any new fans, turn the two 120's in the front round to make them intakes,
    give it a day or so and see how the incresaed air coming in helps,
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