EMERGENCY!!! PSU SeaSonic X650

i purchased this Seasonic X650 Gold 650W Modular for my new system.

unlike most PSUs on newegg, it doesn't show type of connectors that are included for this PSU.

I'm setting up dual SLI GeForce 460 GTX, and each card uses 2 x 6 pin, this makes it total of 4 x 6 pin to power up both video card.

1) can someone please tell me if this PSU has at least 4 x 6 pin so i can power up both cards? i checked other websites trying to find connectors that come with this PSU, and it says

Wire Configuration
Main Power (20/24P) 1 (580mm)
ATX12V (4P) 1 (580mm)
EPS12V (8P) 2 (580mm)
FDD (4P) 2 (Y-adapter)
PCI-E (6P/8P) 4 (580mm)
Peripheral (4P) 8


it says PCI-E (6P/8P) 4...............i see that there are 4 connectors, but what's with 6P/8P? will this work for dual SLIing GeForce 460 GTX?

if not, i need to cancel my order ASAP... please help.. sigh

2) This PSU has single +12V @ 54A. will this be enough for dual SLI GeForce 460 GTX? i have i7-930 as my processor.

3) Overall, is this one of the best modular PSU and manufacturer? i was also considering Corsair 750TX which many people use but i hate unnecessary wire..

gracias!!! thank you!!

please help!!!! i'm n00b to this PSU thing.... arghhh!!!
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  1. yep. itll be fine :)
  2. shovenose said:
    yep. itll be fine :)

    can someone please elaborate? what does it mean by 4 (6P/8P) ? does it mean it comes with 2 x 6 Pins and 2 x 8 Pins?

    8 Pin won't plug into my GTX 460 that requires 6 Pin.

    also please help me with my other questions....
  3. Seasonic is a premier PSU manufacture. They manufacture some models for Antec, Corsair and PC Power & Cooling.

    The Corsair 750TX however is not manufactured by Seasonic. It is manufactured by CWT who are generally pretty good.
  4. I do not own that particular PSU, but 4 (6P/8P) generally means it has 4 connections that are compatible with 6-pin and 8-pin connections.

    Similar to a 20P/24P mainpower cable which has a 4-pin cable that can be connected to the 20-pin cable to create a combined 24-pin cable to plug into the motherboard.

    If you absolutely want a definitive answer then call Seasonic's customer support.
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    Everything you wanted to know about the Seasonic X650 Gold 650W Modular (and much, much more).

    It has 4 each of 6+2 pin PCI-e power connectors. Each one can plug in as a 6pin or a 8pin, depending on what your video card needs.

  6. 2) Oh yeah. You're covered for GTX 460 SLI support.

    Do not cancel the order!
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  8. Does anyone know if this will support crossfire or even a high end radeon card such as the HD 5870? Thanks
  9. it will easily support a single 5870, and will run xfire 5870's. it reviewed VERY well -
  10. The reason I hesitate is because it says it is SLI ready but I can't find anywhere in the literature where it says it's xfire ready or anything about ATI cards.
  11. SLI ready or Xfire ready is the same thing really

    reason most say SLI ready is simply because typically Nvidia cards are more power hungry. (least historically) and crossfire only really started to get more feasible/better with the 5k series and the newest drivers.....the 4k series crossfired well as well but typically most just got nvidia
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