ATI CCC and new LCD problems.CCC wont fully uninstal

I got a new acer (G245H)24"LCD display the other day.My first LCD.
I thought it was too bright so I used the monitor controls to turn down the brightness from 70 to 35.Better but not perfect...Yet. I then noticed a Digital panel (DVI) control in CCC and it had a Brightness and contrast sliders under adjustments so I turned down the brightness to -7 and I got a perfect black level.Wonderfull.
But then I went to the color option under 3d and clicked the reactivate ATI color control and that just messed it up and now it looks washed out again.And there is no way to deactivate the color control that I can find.
I tried uninstalling all the ATI drivers and software even removing all ATI folders in c drive and program folders and clearing out the temp folder.NO luck...System restore...No luck.
And Ati is leaving something on my system because the three times I tried to start over CCC came up with the exact settings it had before I uninstalled it.And I removed all the ATI drivers,CCC and folders.It must put something in the registry and that is BS because there uninstal utility DOES NOT uninstall everything.And I even tries using REVO uninstaller.
I want my perfect black level back.It seems my only option is to reformat my main drive and do a fresh XP install.What a pain.

Unless any of you know how to deactivate that ATI color control.And does 10.3 have the same DVI adjustments.I tried 10.2 but no brightness/contrast sliders.Only color corection....????????
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  1. aren't supposed to uninstall your drivers....and the display is looking washed out because it is (backlight on the model is too bright). The simple solution is to just not click on the button to reactivate ATI color control...
  2. Did you try installing the newest drivers from
  3. First,,,, ATI recomends uninstalling drivers befor installing newer ones.
    And yes I have installed the newest drivers from ATI.(10.4)
    Maybe I should send back the monitor.??It has a 30 day return policy from amazon.
    And the ATI color control is stuck on.Like I said a complete uninstall does not set CCC back to default.For some reason it saves the settings somewhere.
  4. Its supposed to save the settings somewhere, otherwise you would have to change it every time...but like I said, alot of people like the backlight on high for some reason, other times it washes out, especially if light is shining on it. Try deflecting light away from your monitor and see if it helps.
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