NVIDIA 9800GT SC SLi is equal to what single card?

I have 2 9800GT Super Clocked Edition cards running in SLi mode. I'd like to move to a singe NVIDIA or ATI card, what card would be equivalent to the 2?
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  1. 9800GT = 112 shader processors

    GTX 260 core 216 = 216 processors, roughly equal to 800 stream processors on HD 4870

    Then, i suggest 5770, which has 800 stream processors as well, but with DX11 support.

    (then again, i got myself the GTX 470, but different GPUs for different budgets.)
  2. I agree, get an ATI 5770 or up. All those will rock your computer, plus the Dirext X and Triple Monitor capability is the best!
  3. Thanks guys......my 9800GT's allow me to run Bad Company 2 pretty much maxed. As long as I can get a card that'll do that, Im a happy camper. ;o) Ive always avoided ATI cards like the plague, but it seems theyve come a long way. May have to try one this time around!
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