Standoffs - 870 Extreme3 - CM 690 II Advanced

First, I don't know if this is the correct forum to post this in or the case forum.

Anyways, apparently the motherboard doesn't come with any screws (at least mine didn't). I just sent in the motherboard for RMA including all my case's extra screws and ALL my standoffs.

I have a two questions:
1) Will NewEgg be able to return them to me?
2) What kind of standoffs should I buy if above answer is no?

I feel stupid, but since I didn't put the new pc together, I thought they went with the motherboard.
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  1. Standoffs and screws come with the case not the mobo.
  2. NewEgg just got back to me. I'm happy to annouce they will send the bag of screws back to me :)
  3. Great news! Good customer service!
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