HDD Error?

Last time I booted the screen said loading operating system... it said that for about 1 minute then said Disk Read Error pres ctrl+alt+Del to Restart.

My question is is this a hdd problem of just a stupid mistake the computer made?

my computer is about 1.5 months old

my specs

Mobo- Ga-970a-UD3
HDD- Caviar Black 1TB
PSU- Corsair 850W Enthusiast series
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  1. No that is a HDD failure.
  2. Scan the hard drive, might be repairable, might not. If it is the Caviar Black has a 5 year warranty.
  3. Okmy first question is how would you scan it... and second I ran the discscanning that ran for about 4 hours and I think it did something, I really dont know...

    Also are you sure that it is failure... It has only happened once and i have restarted 5 times ever since, no problem, I just found my recipt so if it is absolutely neccesary I should be able to get it replaced... I bought it new off of amazon.

    Also again Any advice on how to fix this?
  4. If you can get into the operating system, you could post the SMART data of the drive. It won't fix the problem but might tell if it's a problem with the HDD or not. You can do this with a tool such as hd tune:

  5. The HDD Mfg has download files to create a bootable CD to run scans
  6. Just run a full disk scan. Sometimes drive scans turn up nothing.

    Look under Windows Event Viewer. If you see any errors with the drive under event viewer then the drive is bad and its time to replace it.
  7. ok well the strange thing is that this only happens if i clear my system(so i unplug before restarting) the problem says problem reading disk error and then the next times it restarts or starts up it works fine... any ideas i will try the hdd mfg because i don't trust myself to do the SMART thing
  8. ok so I actually called the western digital and they told me to download a Data lifeguard thing to find my serial key and also to run a test... anyways I ran it quick and long one(long was 2.5 hours long) and they both passed with no errors...it works just fine just if i unplug it and replug the computer it does the error but then if i keep it plugged in it works every time... but the service told me that if I need to that I can easily just replace it for free considering the fact that I have coverage until 2017 :D

    when i say plugged in I mean plugged into power
  9. Try running windows scan disk and see if that does anything (it'll probably ask you to reboot). As for the power question what are you plugging the computer into? Directly into a wall, a power strip or a surge protector?
  10. directly into the wall... I saw another post and it said that I need to put the drive to servent... from master... well i dont know if it was sevent but somthing like that
  11. Master/Slave? Yeah if it's an IDE type drive or the Sata (SATA has much smaller connections then IDE). I also recommend you get a good surge protector. I use CyberPower. It is a bit old so i don't know whether they still make good surge protectors but out of all of the ones i bought i never had an issue with CyberPower. The other protectors i bought had issues with the phone line working right, had a monitor go bad and a few other things. Someone might have a better suggestion. But it might fix your weird 'plugging in failure'.
  12. ok i will test that i atcually have one... i will repost once i do it
  13. after plugging starting up while the computer was in the surge protecter it started up fine the first time.... that may have atcually fixed the problem i will try some more times tomarrow! :D but i think that may have ben the problem
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