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Graphic card upgrade

I went to the store and got a Hannspree HDMI monitor, running an old Compaq Presario with a AMD 2ghz processor and a GeForce 8400GS graphics card. I bought a cable, but I want a better screen than the 8400 can show. Should I go to a 1gig card and what would be an inexpensive upgrade to make this thing shine? I need a new card anyway because the fan is about to lock down, even after oiling!
The mobo is a MSI AMETHYST- M1.0, bus clock 200mhz. The AMD processor is a 3400+ and the model Compaq, is a SR1620NX. I mostly surf the web, but I also take pictures and want an improved quality.
Thanks again
Thanks guys
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    What kind of card slot is it? AGP? PCIE? Which model AMD? What do you do on your computer mostly?
  2. if you don't game then you don't need a 1GB card. If you know the graphic slot on your motherboard, or the model number of your compaq, we can recommend a card.
  3. Well, if you aren't game at all then just stick with your current card...
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  5. Did you ever get that geforce 8400GS to work on your Presario SR1620NX? I am trying the same thing now and my computer is really really slow.
  6. Yes, I got it to work for several months. The fan had gone out on it, so I rigged another fan with an exterior power supply. This worked fine until last week when the computer would beep one long time on start up and not start. Evidently the card finally gave up the ghost from improper cooling, but the computer still works fine without it. The card ended up being a good match for the CPU, etc. Don't know if I want to put any more money in this dinosaur.
  7. Thanks for the quick response. After I install the card, the computer works but is very very slow. I loaded the driver on the enclosed CD and also downloaded a driver from, but that just made the probelm worse. Do you know what video card driver you are using? Did you update your fan, because mine is the stock 250W fan? I am trying to avoid buying a new PC at this time. Thanks alot.
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