Can this PSU run dual 480's?

i was wondering if for dual sli 480's can run with this PSU (with cpu overclock ,5 fans and 3/4HDD)

thanks (btw i not sure if i had to pick either PSU or video section i choice this one anyways)
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  1. 1000W should be enough for what you want to do...but I'm not sure about the brand though....take a look at this one

    its about the same price.
  2. for dual 480's, you could easily make due with a good 850w PSU

    Corsair 850TX
  3. Yah that ones fine

    Article was of limited use tbh but it should answer the question
  5. Two GTX480's pull about 40 amps peaking to 50 amps. I do not think that the 850 watt Corsair has enough reserve power to handle this. Of the three PSU's listed, the Antec is the best choice.
  6. I dont understand what was said above, please explain.

    If the GTX 480s pull up to 50A, how can the Corsair 850XT with a 12v rail at 70A be beaten by the antec which uses 4 separate 12v rails at 25A each.

    If anything I suggest the Corsair since you don't have to balance the rails. 850W should be enough with a little extra room if you don't overclock the cards.
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