Unlocking change power consumption?

Does unlocking change wattage of AMD Processor? Can cores be disabled? Examples, unlock 2 core to 4, will it use more electricity? Could a four core be disabled to two core? For example, Athlon ll X4 635 Propus...... If so, would it be more efficient?
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  1. Unlocking will increase your power consumption because there are now more transistors in use, but since it also gives you either more cores or more cache it tends to improve performance by about the same amount so the power efficiency ends up about the same.

    You can disable two cores of an Athlon II X4 to get an Athlon II X2, and if you are only running dual threaded tasks yes your efficiency will increase because you have the same performance for less power but if you try running a 3 or 4 threaded task your efficiency will drop down to equal or less than the Athlon II X4 was at because the additional workload can be spread onto the extra cores which helps compensate for the increase in power.
  2. I am doing only very basic tasks now, want efficiency. I asked questions because I can get a X4 635 really cheap, like X2 price. I might want the processing power later, Is this a good idea? Any other suggestions for a setup? Biostar A785G3 is motherboard, new in box. What is good memory for this?
  3. Best way is to leave cool and quiet enabled and then use windows own power features to allow cpu clocks to drop as low as 10%. This will manipulate your clock multi as low as it can go. No reason to disable cores in the bios.
    Overclockers experimenting with the 980X 6 core cpu had some catastrophic cpu failures disabling cores in bios , then o/c others. Whether a new bios can stop this from happening , I don't know, never followed up on it. But I found the story news worthy. Because I had thought of trying that feature in my bios on my i5 750.
    See if I could get one core , to a new extreme for a Super Pi benchmark run.
  4. I'd go with some ddr3-1600 for about the same price as 1333, in case you wanted a little overclocking ability.


    Newegg isout of the kingston 2000 speed ddr's KHX16000D3T1K3/6GX

    These are from the verified memory list here: http://www.biostar.com.tw/app/en/mb/memory_report.php?S_ID=459
  5. as for your cheap cpu, make sure its not from china. LoL.
  6. I was thinking underclock, if that save energy.
  7. You can undervolt it without underclocking it to save a bit, but for the most part your CPU will only use as much power as it needs. If you are only loading up 2 cores but you had 4 active you will only use slightly more power than if you only had 2 cores because the other two arent loaded up. Undervolting it wont affect its idle power consumption since CnQ keeps that voltage fixed but it can significantly affect load power.
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