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I am in the market for a new computer and I want to get something that will give me the best bang for my buck and will last me. I would like to get something from best buy so I can get 18 months same as cash. My current plan is to get this:

and buy a new power supply and video card. My biggest concern is that the mobo isn't crossfire compatible, which isn't a problem now, but I will probably want another video card in a couple of years (I'm gonna go with the radeon 5770)

Right now I pretty much just play wow, and I'll play diablo 3 when it comes out and probably the next Battlefield that comes out, and I want max settings with good FPS.

If anyone knows if this is crossfire compatible or could suggest a better route please feel free to tell me :)

Sorry for tldr :)
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  1. Well, on HP's website the HP Pavilion P6404Y's motherboard only has one PCI-e 16x slot, and wouldn't support CrossFireX.
  2. >.< thats what I was afraid of. I'd much rather build my own pc anyway but 18 months same as cash is so tempting. Thanks for the quick response
  3. Since BestBuy links won't work after a bit I listed your system specs for others.
    Pavilion Desktop with AMD Phenom II 820 Quad 8GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce 9100 graphic
    Model: P6404y / BestBuy SKU: 9840522

    BestBuy spec sheet shows Available Expansion Slots as 1 PCI, 1 PCI E x1, 1 PCI E x16, 1 mini cord (should be mini-card, not cord)
    Which agrees with the HP website product specs a single PCI-E x16 video card slot.

    Crossfire is not an option for that model's motherboard.
  4. what is your monitor?

    If your monitor is small then you will be fine with just a single HD5770...
    Or if you want a long term then save a little bit and grab HD 5850.
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