Blank screen, no boot no beeps

i7, 1366 socket
ATI 4890
6GB of RAM

I recently reinstalled my drivers. Now my system doesn't boot up correctly - all I get is a blank screen (the monitor doesn't turn on), and no error beeps from the motherboard. I tried clearing the CMOS, which didn't solve the issue.

Could this be a graphics problem or another component error?
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  1. Ok, I'm thinking I killed my GPU from a bad BIOS flash. Does anyone know
    if an ASUS 4890 BIOS can work in a Diamond factory OCed 4890, or if a Diamond regular BIOS would work for the OC GPU?
  2. well, do u have another computer (with high PSU)?
    You can try the card to make sure whether your card is defective or not...
  3. Well, the card was working earlier. After I flashed a new BIOS and reinstalled drivers, it just shows a blank screen and I can't even get into BIOS.

    I think the problem was RBE/winflash only created a 64kb file, while the later 4870s and 4890s needed a 128kb file. The card was working, but at 4870 speeds. After reboot, it no longer worked (driver reinstall).

    I'm trying to buy another card, so hopefully I can fix my 4890 by re-flashing another BIOS
  4. what card do you plan to buy?
    the exact 4890?
    why don't you go with 5xxx card?
    Yes, i know 4890 is a monster, but with 5xxx series you will gain more benefit, less heat, less power consumption, dx.11 capable...
  5. So apparently this was not a graphics card issue.

    I plugged in a friend's 5850 in the PCIe 1 slot and the 4890 in 2 slot, and it still showed a blank screen. Then I switched the order and tried the 5850 by itself in slot 1 and it still doesn't work.

    This is frustrating the hell outta me since everything was working 3-4 days ago.
    My mobo BIOS is up to date, my PSU is more than enough, etc

    My mobo makes zero beeps, so I can't figure out what is wrong.

    Any ideas?
  6. btw, the lights all come on and the fans are loud and running at what I think is 100% max speed.

    The monitors get no signal from the video card and thus display a blank screen...
  7. This problem is often caused by a faulty stick of RAM. Have you tried booting with each stick of RAM by itself?
  8. Yes, try as shortstuff said above...
    Faulty RAM can make this problem exist.
  9. I tested two of my RAM sticks in different slots, no luck.

    Blank monitor screen and GPU fans were still spinning at 100%
  10. It could be the hard drive. The exact same thing has happened to me and then years later the same thing happened to my father's computer. The first time I spent hours trying to figure out what was wrong and then tried disconnecting my storage hard drive and then it booted righted up.
  11. Well don't leave us hanging, give us the details on the idiocy :p
  12. Nvm, it has been solved. It was an amateurish mistake only fitting for a computer I feel like a total idiot. >_<

    Thanks for all your help though.
  13. lol
    How did my post end up ahead of yours?
  14. jyjjy said:
    How did my post end up ahead of yours?

    lol :whistle:

    jyjjy said:
    Well don't leave us hanging, give us the details on the idiocy :p

    It was a power problem. A major power problem.

    1. I was using 2 molex power adapters (2 PCIe 6 pins and 4 molex connectors). I only connected three of the connectors... :D

    2. Then I discovered that I had hooked up both my GPUs (the new one and the one with the dead BIOS) to a single line of connectors in my PSU.
    I don't know how multi-rail PSUs work, but my PSU has 4x 12v rails, and I suspect it was all loaded up on that poor single rail. :lol:

    In the end, it turns out that one of my GPUs really did have a dead BIOS so monitor #2 wouldn't have worked no matter what. Whereas
    all the energy was going to my dead GPU, so my working GPU didn't have enough juice, which prevented monitor #1 from working as well.

    Stupid me! :kaola: :pt1cable:
  15. That's not even close to some of the idiocy I've seen. You'll have to try harder next time.
  16. Does flashing my Diamond 4890 with an ASUS 4890 BIOS count? My Diamond 4890 is a paper weight at the moment...
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