Overclock Your Intel CPU q9450

how come when I under power the q9450 my system is more stable ???
sorry I'm a bit slow my system is a GA-X48-DS5 ,8 GIG G-Skill ram 1100, ati 4870x2 card ,500 gig hd ,800 watt psu ,runing Vist ultimate 64 bit :hello:
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  1. what brand is the power supply
  2. Could be a heat problem. Download Coretemp or Realtemp and ORTHOS or Prime95. Run for example ORTHOS stress test, and watch the temperature readouts on Coretemp. wait for a while, and see what temps you get, then post them on this thread. This way we will be able to see if it's a temperature issue.
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    That would be a heat issue, when your system is overheating, the cpu will take measures to limit heat usage by crippling its own performance, if it detects a minimal to no difference in the heat while still overheating, it will continue to cripple itself until the issue is resolved. How to resolve: get a new heatsink!
    May suggest this one:
    I have it myself, its cool and quiet, also its only $24.99
  4. hi , thanks for the idears , I have those downloaded ,realtemp and core temp runing at 3712.12MHZ {464.01 x 8.0} core:0= 50 c, core :1= 44 c, core:2= 47 c, core:3= 47 c,..I have a artic cooler but there is no room to mount it as the cooling fins on the ram is to high to fit in ..any other idears ???
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  6. hi ,Tom's Team

    hey thanks for the input , sometimes when your Brain is as big as the univerus we need a little help to get us through the day and see what we may have over looked ..I now run Core Temp ..47 ,42 ,44 ,44 , celcius ,I tried my Freezer Pro 7 but it run hotter and wont let me over clock at 3.700mhz home made cooler will overclock at 3.800mhz for a short while ...thanks for the help is spring here in New Zealand and as things warm up it will be too hot to overclock past 3.550mhz.... you guy's keep warm

    take care

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