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Hi, I have looked at benchmarks and see that crossfire 5770's perform quite decently.My current diamond 5770 performs very well in games but my question is, is it worth to purchase this board as well as purchase a another 5770 for about $220?.


I am currently running a Intel Q6600 @ 2.4ghz on a stock Intel Acer board with 4gb ram. My power supply and everything else has enough power so thats not an issue. Any opinions would be great thanks.
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  1. I owuldnt, just for the fact after spending that much that computer would pretty much be done. id rather spend that money for a newer mobo + CPU combo ,and get a PC you can actually upgrade.
  2. Ya would you say getting a new board perhaps X58 with I7, and crossfiring the 5770 would be better?.
  3. stay with your system and safe your money to build a new whole system... :)
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