How much power the GTX400/HD5000s has over the consoles?

:wahoo: i'm just curious...

We all know the new GPUs are in a league of their own, but just how much power is there compared to the console GPUs?
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  1. Roughly equivalent to 7800GTX or X1800XT.

    They also render games at 720p and is stretched to fill 1080p.
  2. COD is usually rendered @ 620p or 720p (exclusives can manage 1080p) and upscaled to 1080 @30fps with no AA.
    If you where to build a rig thats similar priced to a console (CPU,Mobo,ram,GPU,PSU,Case,HDD etc no tv/monitor since you would have to include that in the price of a console too) you looking at possibly 9800gt, HD4770 priced GPU which manages most games @ 1080p with 8AA in some cases with over 30fps. Obviously it depends on the game and you can scale AA and settings back to get higher frames but atm a similar priced PC should out perform a console easily plus do more too.

    Your looking at struggling with just over 2m pixels on consoles (1080p on a good day), PC's with eyefinity are managing 3 x 30" monitors. Thats 12m pixels. Guess you could say 6 times by very basic maths.
  3. bleh no edit, forgot to add
    consoles are struggling with just over 2m pixels( 1080p on a good day), PC's with eyefinity and (HD5870) are managing 3 x 30" monitors. Thats 12m pixels. Guess you could say 6 times by very basic maths.
  4. The consoles are all the same which allows developers to optimize the games for the specific hardware which helps but yeah, roughly 6x sounds about right in terms of pure graphic processing power.
  5. wait a minute, are xbox games not really "1080p"?

    cause i have an hard time convincing my friend that his TV is not really 1080p yet he is convinced because he can get 1080i.

    i have a feeling 1080i is not the same thing as true 1080p.
  6. *** loads is the most accurate I can give.
  7. strangestranger said:
    *** loads is the most accurate I can give.

    I probably would've used a swear word with four letters instead of three, but otherwise, same answer.

    I mean, what can you expect when comparing one of today's video cards with something that came out 6 years ago. They can use certain tricks to get the most out of the console's capabilities, but there's only so much good you can do putting lipstick on a pig.
  8. Because are optimized for consoles and 100% is used all the time I'd say consoles are as fast a 350-450 gaming PC, hence the 5870 for example is straight down forward 2.5-3 times faster in pure FPS performance on paper its probably 5-10 times im justing guessing.

    Also note that even a 5770 running on console 600p for xbox or 720p for ps3 will go significantly over 60 fps, so there is no meaning
  9. ah... considering we get a lot of console ports...

    What game can truly utilize the power of current cards 100% optimized?
  10. Crysis and Metro 2033 can push almost any card to its limits. Trying to max out the Stalker games can be pretty rough as well.
  11. ah, metro 2033, but i wonder, what settings did they put it on on the xbox?
  12. I don't know but it looked incredible on PC.
    Unfortunately that incredible was coming in at 20 fps so I've put off actually playing it until I upgrade my card.
  13. Remember consoles don't have AA or AF options nor multiple resolutions abouve whats selected by your HDMI or component cables
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