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OK, so this is my new gaming rig I bought for about $1400.

1TB Western Digital HDD
Asus P755D-Pro MoBo
4GB RAM (Forgot what brand)
Intel i5 750
Sapphire HD 5870
CoolerMaster Hyper N520
LG DVD Drive
Media Card Reader
CoolerMaster Storm Scout
LG W2240 Monitor

BTW How long do you think this will last. I say three years, but I hate guessing how long technology will last. I thought my rig back in 2006 would last forever with 1GB of RAM, 160GB HDD, a 2.8 GHz Pentium processor, and a (lol) Radeon X600. Anyway, how long do you think my new gaming rig will last?
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  1. Well ATM gaming as a whole is being held back by the long console product cycles.

    This means, no major company will be creating games that fully utilize DX10/11 and current hardware capabilities till next gen consoles, 2014 earliest.

    There are always the marketing gimmick features but those are usually tacked on and VERY poorly implemented.

    There's talk about how Metro 2033 kills even SLI 480 rigs. Well yes, because it's horribly inefficient. You could program a packman game in a manner that it wouldn't even run smoothly on a quad 480 sli rig. Metro basically falls into this category.

    Regardless the game is not a AAA title anyway.

    Crysis also suffers from poor programming and that's why it's still troublesome even today.

    If you've ever seen the Heaven benchmark, you'll get an idea of what native DX11 games could look like, and that was done early in the DX11 cycle before efficiency tweaks to the engine and other programming tricks were learnt.

    Now to your original question, that entirely dependent on your resolution, whether you use eyefinity, and how 3D tech get's implemented in the next few years.

    Assuming you're gaming at 1080p for the next few years, a 5870 should run most games fine at 1920x1080. To max everything out at that RES, I'd say a 5970 should easily last till next gen consoles.

    The only known game in development that might fall outside this curve is Crysis 2. Though crytek has been raving about how well it runs on consoles and how efficient the engine now is, so I got my doubts as to whether that game will require really high specs.

    There's been some analysis of Cryengine 3, and how it is actually worse looking than cryengine 2 in an effort to reduce hardware requirements.

    No real way to be sure about that really until the game comes out.
  2. Hi.

    I would change the PSU for a better one Antec, Corsair, PC power and cooling those are good brands.

    What time? Not more that 2 years.
  3. I think he already bought everything :p
  4. ^Yeah I know but exist RMA
  5. banthracis said:
    There's talk about how Metro 2033 kills even SLI 480 rigs. Well yes, because it's horribly inefficient.

    Twin 470's (35) / 480's / 5870's (34) will maintain a minimum of 30 fps in Metro. Twin 5850's (28) and 5970 (26) no.


    To the OP, the time to post this is before you buy ...changing things now means shipping and restocking charges.
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