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Hi there, would any one be able to tell me if these would work together? If not what i would need to change.

Arianet Black 800W
Intel Core i5 750
MSI P55-GD80
Corsair H50-1
Lian Li PC-60FW
50GB OCZ Technology Vertex 2 SSD
G.Skill RipJaw 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 PC3-10666C8 1333MHz
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  1. Yup, all seems to be fine, shouldnt have any problems
    Can i ask, what GPU are you hoping to add to that system, cos that is an awful lot of watts
    Also, arianet are not the most reliable of PSUs, it really is best to go with a strong reputable make, after all you run the risk of damaging loads of components if it blows.
    Good makes are Antec, Corsair, BeQuiet, Seasonic, XFX

    Hope this helps
  2. Thank you for the reply i'll search for a better PSU : p

    What kind of PSU would i need to power all these?

    I will using a AXLE nVidia GeForce 9800 GTX+ 1024MB, i already own one, it's installed in my current pc.
  3. I've just bought an XFX XXX 650W psw for my rig, theyre rebranded seasonic units, so some of the best you can buy.
    In terms of wattage, i dont think you will need any more than 650W for that rig, and if anything it will give you a bit of headroom, aswel as being efficient.
    Its also modular, so you can take off the cables you dont need, making the case tidyer
  4. An OCZ 550 watt modxstream or fatality would be cheapest.

    Could also consider antec TP or earthwatts in the 500-550w range.

    Corsair 550tx is also a good choice.

    You're better off with a good air cooler than cheap water cooling.

    A CM hyper 212 Plus is still $30 on amazon and a good choice. Scythe Mugen for $35 on newegg.
  5. +1 for a Scythe Mugen, I had one before i upgraded to my Scythe Yasya
  6. Would those Air coolers be sufficient for overclocking to 3.8 GHZ?

    Thanks for the replies they are quite helpful : p
  7. Yeah easily, you can go above 4.0 GHZ on air, no much further mind ;-)
  8. sweet : p

    could you perhaps suggest a cheaper Case with sufficient cooling power, i can use the extra cash on a better PSU?
  9. Antec 300 is regarded as one of the best price/cooling/quality cases about, and if the temps are too hot for you, there are plenty of places to mount more fans
    $54.95 ($39.95 after $15.00 Mail-In Rebate)

    If you get a scythe mugen on that CPU, you will be pushing 4ghz easily, and keeping the temps low!
  10. Apparently the the Mugen doesn't support 1156, the Scythe Yasya the one you upgraded to will work?
  11. Yeah the mugen supports it, just be sure to get the rev. b version, they added in support later.

    The yasya defo supports it, but its a higher performing cooler, and so costs more, so its up to you. On another note, the yasya is smaller and a touch lighter, so there are less space issues, but generally the mugen is fine too
  12. Sweet i think i'm sorted now : p

    Appreciate all the help Hereisphilly and banthracis
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