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Alright, soo currently I have an antec 900 case and I just bought a corsair h50. I plan to make the fan on the radiator an intake fan replacing my current exaust fan. I'm just a little unsure as to how I should arrange the other fans in it (top and 2 front). I have 2 hd 5770s with fans blowing air directly on the card and not out, so no consideration for those is needed.
My plan was to keep the top exaust fan exhausting, if that's the correct use of the word. Then take the 2 front intake fans and make them exhaust fans, thus changing the airflow to back to front. My psu also has 2 fans blowing air directly in and not up.
So, ideas/suggestions on this? Would this have a negative effect on my gfx cards because there will be no direct airflow to them? Should I make the lower front fan exhaust and the center one an intake? If I do that, perhaps I will fashion a tunnel from my psu directly to my hdds in hopes that it will eliminate another need to worry about conflicting airflows.
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  1. No cnange is required on your fan on Antec 900 w/ H50

    It should be a none issue on your GFX card. I have Antec 900 with CF 4890 and H50 CPU cooler.

    My H50 is on single fan configuration blowing IN.

    Top Fan: No change , blowing out
    Front Fans(2): No Change, Blowing in
    Side Fan(1): No Change, Blowing in

    It is important to blow more cool air (from outside) to (going in) the Antec Case. The TOP is more than sufficient to blow the hot air out.
  2. Yeah that big fan moves a lot of air, just change ur rear fan to intake and leave the rest the way they are.
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