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After gathering some info from a few people who have helped me on here and looking around on my own...I've come up with the following...if you haven't seen my previous posts, I know next to nothing about 'technical' computer stuff so it's really hard for me to compare one thing to another on here and know what is better for me. Basically, I want to build as good of a gaming desktop as I can for $12-1300 at the absolute MOST, and I would like to keep it around $1000 if possible, but I feel like that might not be reasonable. It's mainly for playing WoW (World of Warcraft) and potentially Diablo 3 in the future whenever it comes out.

Here's what I have come up with so far:

CD-Rom/DVD burner:
Price: $23 Shipping: $2

Before: $75; After: $60 Shipping: Free

Hard Drive:
Price: $80 Shipping: Free

Power Supply:
Before: $110; After: $90

Video Card:
Before: $180; After: $170 Shipping: $7

Then a few decisions to make...



(what's the difference between the two? There seems to be alot of different 4 MB of RAM available for this price but these seem to be the best 2 I've seen people talking about)


Intel Motherboard:
Before: $140; After: $130 Shipping: Free
Intel Processor:
Price: $200 Shipping: Free
(Total: $330)
(I don't even really know what SLI/Crossfire means other than you can have more than one video card and it will improve FPS but I don't think the intel one can do that so I don't know if this is smart? but I don't know if I'd ever wind up buying another one yea haha)

AMD Motherboard:
Price: $140 Shipping: Free
AMD Processor:
Price: $160 Shipping: Free
(Total: $300)

After those only real decision left is on a monitor...I'm still a little unclear how monitors react with specific video cards and how it will affect FPS...I'd like a nice monitor...but most importantly, I want one that will fit the video card and everything else I have so that I can run WoW with perfect FPS on high settings in 25 man raids if at all possible. So help with that would be appreciated.

Also...the 5770 video card seems to be what just about everyone recommends...but then I see a bunch of places that it probably won't run games on full settings/full FPS? Would it be possible/smart to get the 5870 or whatever it is that is much more expensive but go down in price on a few other things? I realize I am probably pushing my original budget, but If I have to spend $1200-1300, I can probably do that at the absolute most. Thanks again for any help.
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  1. With $1200-$1300 you should be able to fit in at least a 5850, if ou can afford the 5870 then that is great. The 5770 is better for lower budget systems as it is a good card for its price but does start showing its budget at 1920 x 1080

    The ECO RAM runs at a lower voltage so it is a good set for just $1 difference.

    Personally I would just grab a 500gb Spinpoint - as a gamer I have never maxed out that much on a HDD so feel 1TB is excessive. But I guess it depends on how much stuff you put on your computer. The 500gb is $55

    Monitor is fairly easy - the key things to look for are its resolution and its response time. Usually you are looking at about $200-$250 for a 24 inch monitor at HD resolution.

    WoW is CPU heavy and poorly coded so there is no guarantee it will play flawlessly
  2. Tower @ $793

    ASUS MS246H Glossy Black / White 23.6" 2ms(GTG) Widescreen LCD Monitor $170 AR
    $969AR total


    Your Intel board is 16/4 no go for CF
    Your AMD board is 8/8 + IGP for $140 (too expensive, unused features)
  3. here's another option with monitor and OS included, and a 5870:

    ~$1250 AR
  4. I appreciate the input and builds so far guys...anyone else have any opinions on either of these builds or the one I posted originally? Getting the 5870 seems like it would be the best bet if at all possible, does the build that ultimabeam posted with the 5870 make any sacrifices with anything else that I may not want to make? All I really want is to be able to run WoW and future games (probably just Diablo 3) with full settings/fps as best as possible...sick of raiding 25 mans at 10 fps and it drastically affecting my performance
  5. bump :)
  6. W/e u do there is little reason to come down to a HD 5770 seeing you have a budget that fits a HD 5850 easily and possibly hit a HD 5870
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