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I replaced my old 15" CRT (Samsung Samtron56V) with LCD (Acer AL1516W) which has a wide aspect ratio. I notice that most of the JPEGs look blur to the point of being unrecognizable. Changing settings does not help the problem. Do I need a new graphics card?
MOBO: MSI KM2M Combo Via KM 266 Chipset
Processor: AMD Athlon XP 2000+
Video/ Graphics: on board

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  1. Just to add -
    Video/ Graphics: On board "Plug and Play monitor on S3 Graphics Pro Savage DDR"

    I have the problem with JPEGs and not say PNGs. The problem remains if I print to pdf and see the image through adobe pdf reader.

    Also, please suggest what to look for in the new Graphics card in case I need to purchase one.

    Thanks, Regards
  2. Did you install the driver for your onboard video card?
  3. Thanks wa1,
    I have misplaced the motherboard CD but I downloaded and installed the drivers from the S3 graphics legacy drivers webpage. On some other link sm1 had suggested to reduce or switch off hardware acceleration. I reduced the accn by 1 step from full and the description was "Disable cursor and bitmap accelerations. Use ....., or to correct problems with corrupt images" but that too is of no use. May be I will switch off and report. Regards,
  4. Update: switching off the acceleration does not help. Any more ideas? Thanks.
  5. Your mobo only has an AGP slot, right?
    So if you want to buy graphic card then you must get AGP card...

    What about your previous monitor? Is it blurry as well?
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