Just built - won't power up :(

Hi all,

Just finished putting together my new tower...and when i hit the Power button...all the fans spin for a second and then stop... it keeps doing this until I flick the switch on the back of the PSU to Off and then the system is completely off. The lights on the motherboard also flick for a secon along with the fans.

I have a Gygabyte H57M-USB3 board, GSkills DDR3 RAM - 4GB (2 GB sticks), a seagate 500GB HD, DVD writer and a raidmax Quantum case, and a CoolMax 500W PSU.

The case I have has like 5 fans...which are all connected to the PSU connectors. They all piggy back off one another. I will admit, I did buy a cheap PSU, trying to save myself some cash. I really hope this isn't a PSU problem? Its brand new out of the box. Please reply asap as I was so anxious to get my new system up and running. I have another working PSU, it's onlt 400W though. Do you think that would suffice?
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  1. There's a troubleshooting sticky at the top of the forum that was created to troubleshoot this exact problem. There's also a link to the checklist in my signature. Let us know how it goes after you've performed EVERY step in the checklist. Step #2 is by far the most common mistake.
  2. Hi,

    Thanks for your help.

    So, I didn't have the 4pin PSU connector connected...because on my mobo there was 8, so I didn't know. Anyway, I plugged that in...and I'm up and running. All fans are running. The machine seems to be working fine.. HOWEVER.. I still have no video.

    I got 1 long beep and 2 short ones (I think, sometimes it's hard to tell). According to the mobo manual, this means a video error which I believe is correcct because all seems to be running, just my monitor is not...it's just showing different color lines going about. Like when you have it on, but don't have it connected to the computer..you know.

    I know this monitor works fine cause I just had it hooked up to another system. I tried reseating the RAM and making sure I had it int he right slots and what not. Because depending on what type of RAM and how many sticks you're using, it can make a difference sometimes. The keyboard lights are also on.. If I hit the Caps button a couple times, I can see the light go on and off. So it's just video. I'm using the integrated video off the mobo...I don't have a vid card I can try cause I was just gonna use the integrated one.

    Would reseating the battery on the mobo (clearing the CMOS) do any good?
  3. So you're using an i3 cpu
    and resetting the cmos well help
    also rechecking all your connections
    when you're successful i suggest you install the latest bios F6
    do you have rev 1.0 or 2.0 mobo?
  4. What CPU do you have? I don't really have any suggestions that aren't already in the checklist. Make your way through the entire checklist to fully troubleshoot the problem.
  5. I have the Intel i5 750. It is compatible with my motherboard.
    I have G.Skill DDR3 1600 RAM (4GB) It's dual channel memory. But it's not the exact RAM I ordered, I don't think. I just noticed that. Would anyone be able to tell me if this RAM is compatible with my motherboard though? I can't see why it wouldn't be. According to the specs on my mobo, it does support this type. And I tried installing them in the correct slots according to my mobo manual. Cause if you're using dual channel, they must be placed in the right slots.
  6. an i5 750 does not have graphics therefore you need a gpu
    i3's have graphics
    the mobo does not
    there lies your problem
  7. i5-750 DOES not have integrated video, i3-xxx do. You need a dedicated video card.

    Alot of people, in the past, had bought kits from Newegg which included the I5-750 and a H55M MB thinking that the "integrated" video was on the MB. The H55/57M MB supports intel procs that have the inegrated graphics integrated in/on the CPU die.
  8. Hi.. looking at the specs of my board on Newegg.ca... it says: " Onboard video chipset: None" But... there is a video connector on the motherboard..its there..and you can see it in the mobo image son newegg. Of all the computers I'm after connecting... anyone who has that built in video connector on the back... you plug the monitor in..and wait to go. I don't get it...
  9. so I have to go out and buy a video card?
  10. yes you do!
  11. Yes, get a GPU, only other option would be to replace the I5 with an I3 - Not a good option.

    A 5670 is about a $100 and is OK for low end games. A 5770 is about $150 and would be satisfactory for most games (not a gamers choice)
    I have both the I3-540 and an I5-750. In the I3 The Hdmi connector works just great, although I did buy a ati 5670 a week latter (not used for ANY high end games).
  12. Hi all,

    I'm not a big gamer or anything. I just need something that will work.. preferably on the cheap side lol. Anything half decent you could suggest to work with my board? The link for my mobo is below. Is it just a PCI card I need to look for, or is it PCI express? Help? Bear with me, this is my first system lol. Thanks.

  13. Thanks.

    So now I have another problem. Seems its one right after the other. Installed a cheap, crappy video card I had here just for now until I get a better one.

    So now...I go to boot up by CD/DVD ROM so I can boot from the disc to install OS. Now, I asked in an earlier thread if it would be okay to install a SATA HD...but an IDE DVD drive. People said it was fine. So I've got a SATA HD..and an IDE DVD writer. The SAATA HD is picking up fine, but is obviously telling me to install operating system. But the IDE DVD Writer will not detect. It will...and the light blinks when the system starts up and you can hear the disc inside spinning. But when the system attempts to boot from DVD drive..it says something about.. can't boot, not a system disc..retry..blablah.. I'm also trying to boot from a 'copied' DVD...a copy of my OS. Don't see this making any difference though. I've booted with actual discs and copies of disks before on other computers lots of times.

    So I tried a couple DVD drives...same thing happened. I go into BIOS...no IDE devices are detected. I'm not sure if it something in the BIOS settings?? Also...when i hit the eject buttons on the DVD drive..it pops out for a second then goes back in..like it barely opens long enough for me to catch it to a put a disc in. This happened with the other couple drives I tried too. And sometimes when I try to restart my system...all the LED Phase lights on the motherboard light up..and don't go out. Then I have to cold boot. Not sure if this is a separate issue or not. Please help :( you've been a help so far! :)
  14. Is the jumper on the IDE DVD burner set to master? You'll need to make sure the DVD drive is set up as the first boot device once you get the BIOS to detect it.
  15. if you think it is the IDE drive then get a SATA dvd drive/burner you can get a nice ASUS one for under 20 on newegg
  16. yeah thats what I was thinking...

    But somethings wrong here. I've tried a couple IDE DVD drives...and I try an external USB LG DVD burner..

    it will detect and run the disc...but I get errors...saying it can't boot and all that. I know the disc works..I used it on another computer the other day. I also had a working copy of XP Pro..gave me errors with that also. Seems to me like theres could be some communication error?

    I have a IDE DVD drive and a SATA HD..a Gigabyte H57M-USB3 mobo. IS there anyone here who could tell me the correct settings in the BIOS to try? I was thinking it may be just some configuation issue with the SATA and IDE options?

    I really want tog et Windows 7 installed on this. How else could I do it if I can't get a DVD drive working? Also, does Windows 7 support SATA. I know in XP it didn't DIRECTLY. You had to load the drivers on startup. SPeaking of which, I tried to install with an XP disc..I did get further...but when I hit F6 to install SATA drivers...it did nothing..just continued on to setup. The SATA driver wouldn't load when I hit F6. i tried several times.
  17. What exact RAM kit do you have? Have you tried installing the OS with just a single stick of RAM installed? You should manually set the RAM speed, timings, and voltage to their rated values in the BIOS if the RAM is rated to run over the DDR3 standard voltage of 1.5v.

    Yes, Windows Vista and Windows 7 support SATA without loading any extra drivers.
  18. It is set to master, the IDE DVD writer...the couple I tried were..yes. But when they do detect..its like nothing will run on them right..and sometimes they don't detect. This is why i tink its something with the BIOS config maybe. Discs I know work..will not work.

    The furthest I got was with the external USB DVD drive... but after a while when Windows was loading files to start setup...it crapped out and said I/O error....said something about the error could occur if the USB drive was turned on or off...which it was not I assure you. Or it could be a faulty HD. Its a brand new Seagate Barracude...BRAND new...500 GB so I doubt its that. The SATA HD does detect in BIOS fine
  19. The RAM I have is:

    G.SKILL NQ Series DDR3 1600MHz (PC3-12800) 4GB (2x2GB) Dual Channel Kit (F3-12800CL9D-4GBNQ

    No I havent tried a single stick of RAM. Hmm..I'll try that. What should I adjust the settings to manually..as you suggest?
  20. Well, your RAM runs at 1.5v so you really shouldn't have to change the RAM settings. It wouldn't hurt to manually set the speed to 1600MHz, the timings to 9-9-9-24 and the voltage to 1.5v. That's what your RAM is rated to run at. I always suggest manually setting the values so you KNOW they're set correctly.

    This could also be heat related if it makes it part of the way through the install and then gives you an error. What does the CPU temp show up as in the hardware monitor section of the BIOS?
  21. I dont know exactly as I'm not close to the system...I think around 39 maybe? I didn't think that was abnormal... but I will check FOR SURE tomorrow and repost. I have 5 fans in the case...besides the heatsink fan so..I can't see the system over heating
  22. I just can't get any damn IDE device to work correctly it seems...then again, the external USB DVD drive didn't get the job done either..so I'm a bit stumped :(
  23. Are you using the "40" wire Ide Cable or the 80 wire IDE cable. If your using the older 40 wire Ide cable, switch it out with a newer 80 wire Ide cable. Also try using cable select (CS) for both the IDE HD and the DVD drive.

    As to installing windows on a HDD plugged into the USB port, probably not going to work as This trive could be moved to different Computers and is only licenced for one computer and installation often fails.

    Also, if not a cable or jumper setting, then the problem is most likely a Bios setting.
    Try disconnecting Sata drive and doing your insrtallation.
  24. No. No... The HD is SATA...and the DVD Writer is IDE, Chief.

    And the external USB drive was a DVD writer..not a HD. I was just trying to boot from disc off the external USB drive..to install windows. It gets so far and I get an I/O error so I dunno whats going on. I can't get the IDE dvd writer to work. See previous posts of mine. And I couldnt get the disc to boot off USB dvd writer. Man, I just wanna get Windows installed.

    I'm thinking its a BIOS setting..but I want to know what to look for and change. And anyway I can tell by looking at it if its a 40 wire or 80 wire? I just used the IDE cable I got in the box with my motherboard or whatever.
  25. Ok pretty sure its an 80 wire. It has a bright green connector that (I'm asuming) connecs to the mobo controller...a black connector and a grey one. Again, the only IDE device I'm trying to run is a dvd rom/writer...the HD is SATA!
  26. Some more info for you guys...

    When I check the frequency of the CPU in BIOS..it says its only 2.0 GHz...but the processor speed is supposed to be 2.67? (somewhere around there) It's an i5 750. I can change it to what its supposed to be..but i guess it got set at 2.0 by default? I dunno. When I go into see what kind of processor it is, it lists it somewhere in BIOS as being 2.67 ... its just set to use a 2.0 GHz frequency I guess.

    Also, the RAM frequency is set to 1333... the RAM I have is supposed to be 1600. I try changing the frequency of the RAM but I can only change it to 10.0, 6.0, etc. The highest it goes is 1333.. ?? :( The timing and voltage of the RAM is all correct..to what a guy earlier said: 9-9-9-25 1.5v I also tried booting up with just 1 stick. Nothing changes.

    I also noticed.. the SATA drive detects in BIOS..but as an IDE device cause it is set in BIOS to Sata mode: IDE. The DVD reader detects as an IDE device.. but for some reason, its on 'Channel 4'? Why isn't it on Channel 0 or 1? Every DVD writer I tried is also detected under channel 4... Hmm.

    I tried reseating the CMOS and setting everything back to default. It did no good. When I did.. I got a black screen that asked me if I wanted to change to AHCI mode because it was currently in IDE mode. I said No. When I start up the machine, all Phase LEDs are lit on the motherboard... but after I say No to that message, they all go out... then I get a black screen that says "Operating system loading... Boot CD/DVD...' Cause I had the first boot device set to CDROM cause I wanted to install OS. But it just stays at that CD/DVD Boot...and doesn't do anything. When I restart the system you can hear the disc spinning up...
    I don't get it :( I'm thinking its some BIOS setting. I just want to set up Windows 7! :( :( this is brand new and I was anxious to get it going.
  27. (1) For the Sata HDD, you want to set to AHCI mode (For Newer HDDs that support AHCI). Set boot priotity to this drive.

    NOTE when you power On and during the Post Hit "F12" to get boot menu and select your CD/DVD drive.

    If this lets you get to "installation screen, select CUSTUM install. When you get to where to install First REMOVE all partitions on your HDD then partition your Drive ie 120 gigs for your operating system an programs. This will also create a SMALL partion, approx 100 Megs (this is a recovery partition). You do not need, but may, set up 2nd partition for your data. You can do this after windows 7 is installed using Disk manager.

    (2) On CPU speed, that is just intel's speed step - If you do not need the "full speed - the CPU will cut back in speed, and speed-up as cpu is utilized.

    (3) on memory - Just leave it at defualt, UNTILL you get windows loaded. In the memory section in Bios there is an option to use "Profile 1" selecting this should set memory Voltage, Speed, and CL ratings to the manuf's specs.

    Will down load and look at the manual for setting your CD/DVD drive if above does not work.
  28. Hi,

    Just tried what you suggested. When it asked me, I changed it to AHCI mode.. it restarted, said that AHCI mode was for only HDs and CD drives.

    Then I chose F12 to boot from DVD...the 'Loading operating system. 'Boot cd/DVD' came up...and just stayed there. So I shut it off again :( *sigh*

    I can't find anything in my mobo manual regarding a SATA HD and an IDE DVD writer setup.
  29. First - I would download memtest86 ISO. Do not copy this to a cd, you must use the "ISO mode" to create a Bootable CD. (Google "creat Iso" if unsure.

    2nd - Start computer, go into BIOS. and select "Load Optimized Defualts". Not sure of what you have changed, but this will restore to factory values. Insert Your Bootable memtest disk, select save and reboot. Hit F12 to select CD drive to boot to and run Memtest for a min of 1 hour.

    If all OK.
    Restart computer and go into bios.
    Set "PCH Sata Control Mode to "AHCI"
    Verify " Onboard SATA/IDE Ctrl Mode is Enabled and set to RAID/IDE

    Now try Installing Win 7 as I discribed.

    Do you Know what Bios Version is installed, Also is your MB a Rev 1, or Rev 2.
    For Rev2 you should be OK as only the F6 Bios is available.
    For rev 1 you should have Bios version F5 or F6 (F6 is latest)
  30. Verify Your HDD is plugged in to SATA 0 Port (Ports 1, 2, 3, and 4 are OK, but recomment 0) and not in sata 5 or 6
  31. It is in SATA port 0 .. it seems it isn't the sata I'm having trouble with..its the IDE devices...
  32. It will boot up from the USB external DVD writer... but after a minute i get that I/O error...that says it could be caused by a failing HD, or a USB storage device that isnt properly connected.... argg :( any other suggestions to installing windows 7 files? Would it work if I put it on a USB jump drive or something and boot from that?
  33. Could any of this be caused by a bad PSU? Cause the weirdest thing just happened. I hit the restart button on the tower..and it shut off. Then came back on...and kept doing that a few times and i never had a hand on it. And before...in an earlier post I mentioned...how sometimes the dvd tray would pop out half way then go back in.

    Perhaps its not booting from cd cause theres a bad power distribution? Its not getting enough power to run..same reason why the USB external drive craps out with an I/O error...could this be possible? Cause I admit i did buy a cheap PSU. Its a Coolmax 500W...didnt get the best ratings on Newegg. I have a working 400W...would that do for a system like i have?
  34. I will try what you described.... my MB revision is 1.0
  35. I changed those BIOS settings... the IDE drives are still not working correctly and I still cannot boot up to disc. Its so weird. They detect... but won't boot up.

    Since I changed it to RAID/IDE though... I can get part way through with a XP install..but when I hit F6 it just continues to load... and it says it could not detect any drives.. Press S to install sata drivers. But it asks to insert them in the A drive. I do not hav ea floppy drive on this sytem..and I don't have any SATA drivers only the disc that came with my motherboard. This is starting annoy me. I don't know what to do... the windows 7 disc won't work at all..can't get anywhere with it. The IDE drives are still not working correctly. The Win 7 disc works fine in other computers so I know its not that. What if I try copying the Win7 files over to an external HD and boot from that? Would that work?
  36. A HA - You have XP, I was under the assumption (make an A2S of you and Me) that you were tring to load Win 7. WHICH does NOT need the "F6" drivers.

    YOU must load the F6 Sata/AHCI drivers. But You need a floopy - I always include a 3 1/2 FFD for emergencies. Can not install without, and You need to select the correct drivers. I think there is a way arround not having a FDD, but not sure.

    Try Googling "Install F6 drivers without a floopy drive"
  37. I hit the restart button...and it shut off... then started up again...on its own. Could all this be a PSU issue??? Would a 400W PSU be sufficient for my setup? I have the raidmax quantum series case... 5 led fans, intel core i5 750, 500GB SATA HD, a IDE DVD writer, 4 GB RAM. If a 400W would do, I'd switch it out and see what happens. Right now I'm using a cheap 500W PSU.

    I'm having weird problems. Still can't get anything to boot... :( :( please help
  38. I am trying to load win7... I was just trying to see if it would boot up with the XP disc... which it did..but like i said..need SATA drivers.

    But I dont want XP. I want win7... and the disc works fine in al other computers. Something is going on with this computer... what about the PSU question I had?

    edited: Nevermind. The spare 400W PSU I have here does not have a SATA power connector for the HD :(

    I'm at a loss here guys..and these components are brand new.. :(
  39. ok this is driving me mental...

    When I try the external USB dvd writer..it gets so far..with win7, or UBCD4Win and then i get errors... and it can't read.

    Its almost like theres a communication problem or something.. IDE devices won't operate properly..and neither will the USB DVD writer... i'm going to try connected an IDE HD to it...

    edited: Also I noticed...the power connector on my PSU..its reeally loose. Like when you plug the power cord in or take it out.. you can see the plug itself moving...and you can see the wires inside moving with it. Can anyone answer... would a pad PSU cause problems like this? The devices not getting enough power or something?
  40. Yes, a loose power connection making a poor connection will cause all sorts of problems. It sounds like you don't have access to a decent PSU, but you might as well try your 400W PSU. You never said what graphics card you ended up using, but your system doesn't really require much power if you're using an old low-end graphics card.
  41. Hi,

    I'm not sure of the graphics card. I think it might be an asus? It is old and low end..just something I popped in until I grab another one.

    The 400W PSU I have does not have a sata connector on it for my HD though..

    I had a working 80GB Western Digital HD with windows Pro installed on it. It was working perfect in my other PC. So I switched it out... hooked it up to the new pc I just built...changed a few BIOS settings so the IDE HD would detect and what not...

    Now...when I start up, it does NOT detect the IDE HD or the IDE dvd writer in BIOS...but once I restart if I don't go into BIOS...a message come sup saying that the two drives are there alright...but then my machine gets stuck in a reboot cycle. And I know this IDE HD works cause it was working fine in the other PC. And every time the new PC reboots.. the Phase LEDS on the board go out, then come back..

    Still think it could be a bad PSU?? or.... could it even be a bad motherboard :( It seems no IDE DVD writer will work for me to install an OS. Like I said earlier, the external USB dvd writer one works a bit..but then I get an error. The system will detect the SATA drive in BIOS..... but since i switched it out to try a WORKING IDE HD with an IDE DVD writer... reboot cycle
  42. Well... the place where you plug in the power cord is rather loose...and the silver pins in the power connectors are kinda loose, too. Its also loud when it was advertised as being not noisy. Ratings on this PSU on newegg weren't good, either. I shouldn't have bought it ..but I did.

    I think I'm going to contact them about returning it... and I'll get a better PSU. Maybe an Antec or something like was recommended. I'm also going to order a SATA DVD writer..

    I hope that once all devices being hooked up are by SATA and not a mix...that I will not have problems anymore. I'm also hoping the new, better PSU will help do the trick. As I posted earlier on, the system sometimes would just shutoff when I hot the restart button...then it would shut off and turn on again..several times..on its own. So maybe it is bad power.... hmm..we'll have to wait and see I guess.

    I was going to order a SATA DVD drive sooner or later anyway... hmm

    oh, also... in my previous post I mentioned I hooked up a working IDE HD and couldn't get that to work either. I put the IDE HD back in the original computer I took it out..and it booted up fine. No issues. So i'm still at a loss...
  43. I built a I3-540 using the Gigabyte H55M-UD4P Mother Board. I installed a Sata WD 640 Gig Black HDD and an "Old" IDE (PATA) Dvd Drive, A plextor 716. Had no problems recognizing both HDD and DVD, installed Win 7 with out a Hitch.. Your MB is simular, but newer, and I will check the Bios to see How I have the Bios entries setup when I get Home from Work.

    Although getting a SATA dvd drive may resolve the Issue, it would be niece if the IDE problem could be solved.

    I would recommend a "Better" PSU. They make a Molex -> Sata power adaptor cable (probably about $5 locally) if you want to try your 400 W PSU. The "Loose" fit would only be a problem if the connection was Intermittent and You would normally see Your computer Powering off. Have you looked in BIOS and verified that the voltages (and Temps) are all normal. +5 should be +4.75 -> 5.25 V and +12 V should be between +11.4 -> 12.6 V (Personnaly I prefer min +12 be above +11.6V).
  44. Hi

    Its strange...how I can't get the IDE devices to work correctly with the SATA. I can get the external dvd writer to work with the XP disc..but than I have to go hunting for SATA drivers and install a floppy drive...cause I don't have one in the new system. I don't want XP anyway...and the IDE should work. I've changed all the settings in BIOS as you and others have suggested. No go.

    With regard to the PSU, I have it disconnected now and I'm just going to return it and get a better one. I still think i tmay have something to do with the system not getting enough power to properly make the drives go or something. As I said before, a few times... the system did shut off and then just start up again on its own..the fans would spin for a minute.. then it would shut off and do the same thing. So.. maybe its a bad power feed. I'm going to get a different PSU along with a SATA dvd drive. And a good video card... though I can't see an old, working low end vid card causing any problems like I've had. Also, sometimes when I used the external USB DVD writer... I would get an I/O error...saying it was like the drive may have gotten disconnected (which it didnt) so again... maybe the system was getting enough power? Is that possible? Should I get something higer than a 500W this time... or even just a 500W in a Good PSU??
  45. My I5-750 OCed to 3.2 GHz w/Ati 5770 GPU Only draws about 300 Watts Fully loaded. Unless you plan on running two GPUs (crossfire), or a HIGH end GPU a OUTSTANDING PSU would be:


    Reduced to $50 with a $20 MIR for a total cost of $30. This PSU is what I used in my I3-540 with a 5670 GPU and is rated as one of the best!!!
  46. Hmmm..would a 400W really be enough?

    I'v got the i5 750, 4 GB ram (2 GB sticks), a 500GB SATA...and Im getting a SATA dvd writer... i wont be getting too high of a graphics card. Any cheap one you can suggest? That will meet my needs? I'm not a big gamer..I do like to play some Runescape now n again.. and arcade/yahoo type games.

    That PSU does seem good for the money..just wondering if 400W will be enough. I also have 5 extra fans in my case.. 2 of which are LED fans.

    What do you think ppl???
  47. My system:
    I5-750, OCed to 3.2 GHz, 4 Gigs Ram, ATI 5770 w/1 Gig VRam, 80 Gig Intel G2 SSD, 640 Gig HDD, 1 TByte Hdd, Sata DVD RW, Sata Blu-ray writer is right at 300 Watts when runing Furmark. Note, when not running a intense 3 D graphics game, or a program that maxs ALL 4 cores, you will be considerably less - Idle is just over 150 Watts.

    If you settle on a 5670 GPU, then your power consumption would be < 300 Watts at max load

    This is very simular to this 5770 review:

    Note the corsair 400 W would be a better choice than many 500 W PSUs due to it's quality. Nothing wrong with getting a 500 W PSU, just check out the reviews first.

    # of fans not too significant - 1 Fan approx 2 -> 3 Watts
  48. I ordered the SATA DVD writer, and a better PSU (I think). Hopefully this will solve my problems as I won't be relying on any IDE devices. It seems to pick up the SATA fine..so... I hope this works.

    Chief, the links you always give me from Newegg are from the US site...and I am in canada so the prices are a little more it seems.

    I went with the cheapest DVD writer and PSU I could get for the quality. My choices are below in the links. Tell me what you think, honestly lol. Hope I made a half decent choice. Thought the price of the PSU was good considering the wattage. Also, unlike the Coolmax PSU I had...this one seems to have good ratings on there for the most part. And more than 1 SATA connector...


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