Reliability of SSDs vs HDDs?

I am going to do a big upgrade on my computer and I want to get on the SSD bandwagon. However I remember reading a couple years ago about reliability issues with SSDs. I trust those have been ironed out by now? Is there any brands or models I should look at for the sake of reliability? I need this drive to last and be error free.
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  1. SSDs are much more reliable today as some years ago, but OCZ had some issues in the last years and also Intel had a firmware error causing data loss.,13076.html
    I'm happy with my Samsung 830, but backups should always be done regularly. Windows Backup works for most people.
  2. im currently using a OCZ Vertex 3 240GB SSD and its been working for me.
    one thing i suggest when working with a SSD is to always have multiple secondary drives that you can run your files off of.
    i mainly use my SSD for software installations and games.
    if you manage to use your SSD efficiently, i think it will last you a longer life span than expected.
  3. What are you going to do with your pc? Gaming or professional work?
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