Hardware initiate failed please check device

System worked before, one or two yr +

PC, ECS mobo, K8T890-A, AMD cpu 64 x2X Dual Core 3800+, DRAM 400MHz Dual Channel, 2048 MB, AMIBIOS American Megatrends -4/4/2006
Several drives: SATA + IDE & RAID Config.
C drive -SATA- in on Board RAID config
Drives on Promise Ultra 133 board &
Two CD/DVD Burners on MOBO Controller 1
2 storage Drives on MOBO Controller 2

Message on POST ==>
HardWare Initiate failed, Please Check Device!!!
The Bios does not be installed. Press <g> to continue!

What and where would one start to look for causes of this kind of error?

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  1. If the POST message says the BIOS is not installed (not exactly what you wrote), maybe the real problem is that the BIOS battery on your mobo has worn out and gone dead. It is a flat disk about the diameter of a quarter, mounted in a plastic holder on the mobo. You can remove it, take it to an electronics or computer parts store and have them test it. You can buy a replacement and install it yourself easily. When you replace it (old one or new), boot directly into BIOS Setup (if it will get into the POST) and find (near one of the last tabs and pages) the place where you can load a default set of parameters. (Leaving the mobo with no battery for a while will change some BIOS settings, and you should restore a reliablle complete set.) Load the Factory Default or Optimized Default settings, Save and Exit. see if the machine boots OK this way.
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