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Hey guys so I recently installed a q8400 cpu into my machine, however the intel heatsink shipped didn't want to go in so I've put in the heatsink old e5500 that came with the computer (dell inspiron 560 - commence barrage). I am now often getting event 41- kernel power, in which the computer just instantly powers down then restarts often, while doing menial tasks like word processing and web browsing. I sometimes have 4-hour long binges of games, especially the cpu heavy bad company 2, with absolutely no issues. I have run prime95 for an hour without any failures, although i could run it for longer if you think it would help. At 100% load the max the cores were getting to was 70C, which seems a bit high if you ask me, but the only time the restarts are occuring are at a lot less than this.

Swapped out old psu and vid card a while (3 months) ago, and issues only started with this cpu.
Some specs
intel q8400 (with old dell heatsink)
Dell mobo (0k83v0, not that that should mean anything, latest bios installed)
6GB DDR3 ("nanya technology" aka whatever dell chucked in there)
powercolor radeon hd 5770
ion 2 vantec 620W PSU
Windows 7 home premium

Thanks for any help.
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  1. You could try replacing the heatsink altogether, perhaps something along the lines of a CoolerMaster 212+ will do the trick nicely if it's an overheating issue.
  2. eh i just want to get an opinion on what is causing the problem, I mean its abnormal that at high temps the restart doesn't occur, so could it be heat? I don't know...
  3. The event 41 error could be caused by any number of things, in your case I'd suspect the Topower built psu.
  4. *gnaws on cheek* well is there any way i can find out what's causing the issue?
  5. soo i just updated the bios :na: yeah great vision by me, as well as disabled intel speedstep, as per advice found on microsoft technet site. Will let you know if this solves the problem
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