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I am trying to open pictures in "my picture" file. Some have icons I do not recognize and I can't open them. I get a message that says "create an association in the Folder Options control panel." When I go to the Folder Options file I have no idea what to do to enable me to open the pictures with the "strange" icon.
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  1. One easy way to deal with that is to right click and choose open with, then choose a program that can open that file type and check the box to always use that to open the file type.

    You may have to experiment with using the programs you have to determine which can open the particular file type.

    The other problem is that some of the pictures may not have the correct file extension, so they really can't be opened by anything until you change the file name and give them an appropriate extension, like .jpg, then they won't be an issue. This seems to happen most often when saving pictures from other documents like email because the file is saved without the file extension that labels their file type for programs to open.
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