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Hey guys, I was just wondering if it is possible to upgrade the motherboard on a Dell Studio XPS 8100. The last time I had a computer that I didn't build myself was in 2003 and its mobo was bolted down to the case and couldn't be removed. I do not have the actual computer in front of me, and won't be able to look at it until September. The OS being Dell only isn't a problem, as I use my own copy of Windows 7 Ultimate. I also would like to know if you guys think a full sized mobo would fit in the case as I want to go SLI. It seems like a pretty small case but I can't remember the exact size. My plans are switching the mobo out for a ASRock P55 Extreme. I want to throw in a new videocard first, as I have a 8800GT in it right now. My last question would be could the PSU handle a single GTX 460 and the new mobo. Ahhh that seems like a very long rant but sorry about that haha...
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  1. This has a 350 Watts PSU. This will limit your choices in video cards.

    For the GTX-460 the minimum recommended PSU is 450 Watts. Then there is the new motherboard power requirements.

    After taking these matters into consideration (new GTX-460, new mobo, new PSU) you may be better off leaving the Dell alone as a second computer, and building a new computer per your specs.
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