IDE Hard Disk and DVD writer comes up as Not Installed in the BIOS

Board: Intel D945GCPE
IDE Single Channel = One IDE DVD Reader and One IDE 40GB WD Hard Disk
SATA Channel 0 = 1TB WD Caviar Green 10EARS
SATA Channel 1 = Samsung DVD Writer

Intended Use: Fresh Install XP Pro SP3 on WD 40 GB Drive and Use WD 1TB for Storage.
(As of present previously installed XP is on the 40GB hard disk but does not boot up when system is powered up after installing the drives) Startup message Please check the Boot Device and Press any Key : (

Are there any particular BIOS Settings or jumper settings for the DVD drives and Hard Disks to Be Recognized without error and for the system to boot up as before?

On the IDE Channel The Hard Disk has the jumper set to master and the DVD Reader has no jumper and installed on the end of the cable as slave. The SATA devices show up on BIOS, but the Primary IDE Master and Primary IDE Slave show up as "Not Installed" in the BIOS!

Neither the new SATA DVD Writer or 1TB Hard Disk came with Jumpers, and it was mentioned something about setting a jumper on the 1TB hard disk for Windows XP to do some Advanced Format Stuff. The problem is am trying to help my dad install his computer over the net from abroad and it's becoming quite a hassle since I don't know the exact menu or settings available on that particular motherboard. Please do mention in steps (as example below), so that I can communicate the same to him.
Eg: On Startup Press F"Number"
Under Configuration Tab/Boot Tab > Hard Drive Configuration/Boot Device Configuration > etc.

Thanks and Any Help will be appreciated.
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    My first guess would be that the DVD Drive and the 40 GB IDE Drive are conflicting on the IDE Controller. Remove the DVD drive off the IDE Cable and see how it goes from there. As the DVD Drive has no jumper you may (and I mean just may) be able to get them both talking to the controller by setting the IDE HDD to Cable Select. That is not a Motherboard that is designed to be anything more than basically functional so complicated setups involving a mix of technology is probably going to throw it.
  2. Thanks a lot Wamphryi for your quick response. Will give it a try when he comes online tomorrow. Are you sure there is no BIOS setting that would eradicate the conflict and make the system see the boot partition and also detect the devices correctly? On WD site it was mentioned to set the jumper for IDE Hard Disk as Master if there is another ATA device connected to the IDE cable and that that would be slave, hence had followed that per guidelines.

    Had spent a considerable amount of time teaching how to install the hard disks and drives in the cabinet with ample space so as to avoid any heat issues so was a bit sad that it didn't work out after the long process. WD site has put up just links and links instead of a direct answer/solution, wherein the links themselves contain links to other utilities saying the linked utility is no longer supported so I think they better sort things out on that front!

    Will try what you have suggested and will also ask him to check if the IDE cable has been connected in properly to the DVD reader and hard disk. The only other thing am having a doubt is if the BIOS settings needs to be changed anywhere in regards to Boot Configuration, Native mode, etc. I remember seeing that every other thing in his BIOS was selected as enabled for boot from CD rom, USB device, etc. and the detect mode was on Auto and boot method Normal. Any clues on that?
  3. Here's a thought too that I think is not making it work.
    The Cable says Blue to Motherboard, Gray to Slave and Black to Master!!! Whereas usually the Blue is in motherboard, gray goes to Hard disk in the middle(which now confuses the whole issue of master even if the jumper is put as master on the hard disk since in slave position on the IDE cable) and the black(cable master) goes into the DVD Reader(which is supposed to be slave) and because those numb nuts don't provide jumpers, we're supposed to leave the detection of master or slave to luck?!

    Usually in a cabinet the position is the DVD Reader is on top and the hard disk is down, so how do they expect us to make a petite 1.5 foot IDE cable go from motherboard IDE port all the way to the top, and then back to the Bottom of the cabinet for the hard disk!!! Wonder if they are doing that crap on purpose! Even many times I have noticed that the SATA Ports on a motherboard are just where the hard drives are gonna be fixed! They want us to break the power and Data Cables or something?!

    They do not take into account that the Power Buttons and LED and front panel audio and USB connectors' wires are all gonna be around that region so the hard disk cannot be shoved right in too adding to the misery. God Please Help These Manufacturers of Both Cabinets and Motherboards realize this freakin' flaw and do something about it oh and not to forget providing the Front Panel Audio Connectors for both HD Audio and AC97 so that they will work!

    Have asked my dad to get some spare jumpers just to try to put a jumper on the IDE DVD Reader as Slave since it is in the master position on the IDE Cable, the IDE Hard Disk thankfully has a jumper on Master and let's see if it works otherwise there's gonna be another long day or rather days of mixing and matching! Imagine just to make the cable happy put the hard disk on Top and the DVD Reader Down so that the cable will be as they love it!

    Positions will be real funny like this:
    1. SATA DVD Writer on top
    2. IDE 40GB Hard Disk after a gap slot.
    3. IDE DVD Reader another slot down.
    4. Floppy Drive.
    5. SATA 1TB Hard Disk at the bottom thankfully just above the SATA connector ports!

    I am getting rather impatient... Will post back if I finally get it all to work after fiddling with the BIOS options and stuff. Still would love if someone could enlighten me regarding this issue or provide the necessary BIOS settings to check and select for this motherboard to detect everything and boot up properly! Intel D945GCPE. Fingers and Toes Crossed!
  4. Set the jumper on "cable select" then attach the IDE however you want. Should work. Good luck.
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  6. Thanks a lot to both of you, Wamphryi and John for your help. What was done since no jumper for IDE DVD drive was available, the jumper from the IDE Hard Disk was placed in the dummy position pins 9 and 10 (guess Cable Select position 1 and 2 would work too) and the IDE DVD Reader relocated closer to the Hard disk so that the IDE Cable's Gray Plug(Slave) would go into the DVD Reader and the Black Plug(Master) at the end would go into the Hard Disk to make it Master.

    Guess this would be the most basic method since it automatically goes into cable select instead of playing around with jumpers since they're not interested in providing them in the first place.

    I think it should be made mandatory for both DVD drive and Hard Drive manufacturers to provide jumper shunts regardless of whether they are used or not to stop having unnecessary issues like this, barring SATA drives, unless adapters are used to convert to IDE if SATA not available on motherboard! lol
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