Building my first rig

Hey guys, I just received all my parts and thanks a ton to those who have helped. Big shout out to WR2 for help with my build.

Now that I`ve got all my parts, I was jsut curious about something.

Nowadays do comptuers recognize dvd drives and mouse and keyboard before installing the OS or anything? I remember back in the day a pc would not recognize the cd rom and you would boot with a floppy or something. How are things today?
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  1. yeah they will (at least in the case of USB, not sure about ps/2). cd player will be recognizd as well
  2. Hmm yeah you're thinking like circa 1997? Now everything is recognized...usb keyboards, .. dvd drives ... what else?
  3. Yes. Most devices work the the generic Windows drivers (otherwise, how could you configure a video card?). Then after you are in Windows, you install the "real" factory drivers that give you more features.

    You can still boot a modern PC with floppies. It just takes six or so.
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