Sli vs cfx review on this site?

hi, is it me or did the author of that review seem biased in favor of nvidia cards?
he claimed that aa cant be turned on at all in metro 2033 with a 5k series card..
I have it on and it runs well.. not GREAT, but well..maybe 40 fps..not quite 60..

so did ati lose the crown this round or win it? im confused?

the review also didnt make any mention of the 5970, just the 5870..
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  1. As with all reviews, you have to take them with a grain of salt. There can be bias but there can also be issues with the system the benchmarks are being run on.

    You may find that 40 fps is good but other people may find that 60fps is a minimum requirement. There are so many factors with reivews that you have to make your own conclusions.
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