Need advice

System specs first
I7 930
Ex58 Motherboard
1 Tb Sata HDD 2x500 Gb)
GTS 240 2gb edition
Win 7 64 bit home premium
6GB DDR3 1600
PSU Unknown as of yet, Most like above 500W I was wondering if my Graphics card is Bottlenecking my system? Also is it worth upgrading my Gfx card? I play Crysis warhead 1680x1050 (for all games) Metro 2033, Far cry 2 ,Bad company 2, Avatar the game. All of there on max settings with 16AA and 16AF
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  1. Yes, your graphics card is a bottleneck. You should ook at updrading your Gfx card. You would find NVidia 470 or ATI 5850 helpful in obtaining the resolution you wish with decent framerates and good details. You may have to go higher or into SLI/Crossfire to gett the 16aa and 16af.
  2. Your gfx card is indeed a bottleneck...
    Please mention your budget. Which PSU do you have?

    An HD5850 will easily max out games at that resolution but even HD5770 can run games at that resolution. :)
  3. That video card is a real piece of poo compared to the rest of your system.

    I'd also recommend one of the 58xx series unless that's out of your price range.
  4. BS with that GFX metro 2033 16 AF, lol wtf are pulling here
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